2018 Event Schedule (Tentative)

"Rotn" is race group rotation: in "rotn 2," for example, Group 2 is first on the weekend's schedule.

     = Meeting          = Endurance race          = Championship race          = Non-race track event

January 6 ICSCC Spring Meeting All SeaTac Marriott    
March 10 RATS Meeting All    
March 24 Drivers Training TC ORP    
April 21 Drivers Training IRDC Pacific Raceways    
May 4 Drivers Training CSCC PIR    
May 5-6 Race 1 (rotn 3) CSCC PIR
May 19-20 Race 2 (rotn 4) IRDC PR
June 1 Drivers Training CSCC PIR    
June 2-3 Race 3 (rotn 5) CSCC PIR
June 15-17 Race 4-6 (rotn 6-2) NWMS SCR
July 21-22 Race 7 (rotn 3) IRDC PR
July 27-29 Race 8-9 (rotn 4-5) SCCBC Mission
August 17 Drivers Training CSCC PIR    
August 18-19 Race 10 (rotn 6) CSCC PIR
September 14-16 Race 11-12 (rotn 1-2) IRDC The Ridge
September 29 Enduro CSCC PIR
November 10 ICSCC Banquet All SeaTac Marriott    
November 10 ICSCC Fall Meeting All SeaTac Marriott    

* Event not sanctioned by ICSCC

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Track key

Bremerton Bremerton Raceway
Mission Mission Raceway Park
ORP Oregon Raceway Park
PIR Portland Int'l Raceway
PR Pacific Raceways
The Ridge The Ridge Motorsports Park
SCR Spokane County Raceway
Western Western Speedway

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