2021 Event Schedule (Tentative)

"Rotn" is race group rotation: in "rotn 2," for example, Group 2 is first on the weekend's schedule.

     = Meeting          = Endurance race          = Championship race          = Non-race track event

January 9 ICSCC Spring Meeting All Online    
March 14 Race Administration Training Session (RATS) Meeting All Online    
May 1-2 Race CSCC PIR    
May 15-16 Race IRDC PR
June 4-6 Race NWMS SCR
June 19-20 Race CSCC PIR
July 17-18 Race IRDC PR
August 14-15 Race CSCC PIR
August 28-29 Race IRDC The Ridge
September 3-5 Race SCCBC Mission
October 16 Enduro CSCC PIR