2020 Event Schedule (Tentative)

"Rotn" is race group rotation: in "rotn 2," for example, Group 2 is first on the weekend's schedule.

     = Meeting          = Endurance race          = Championship race          = Non-race track event

January 11 ICSCC Spring Meeting All SeaTac Marriott    
March 14 Race Administration Training Session (RATS) Meeting All Best Western
Dupont, WA
March 28 Drivers Training TC ORP    
April 16 Drivers Training TC ORP    
May 1 Drivers Training CSCC PIR    
May 2-3 Race CSCC PIR    
May 16-17 Race IRDC PR
June 5-7 Race NWMS SCR
June 19 Drivers Training CSCC PIR    
June 20-21 Race CSCC PIR
July 18-19 Race IRDC PR
August 14 Drivers Training CSCC PIR    
August 15-16 Race CSCC PIR
August 29-30 Race IRDC The Ridge
October 17 Enduro CSCC PIR