ICSCC References

A collection of commonly used reference materials pertaining to ICSCC, including the current Competition Regulations. Questions or clarifications about specific rules should be addressed to one of the Stewards as listed in the ICSCC Officers reference.

Files are available as PDF files and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to read and/or print.


Competition Regulations (2020)
The entire ICSCC competition rulebook in electronic format. (In the event of a discrepancy between this and the print version, the print version shall prevail.)

Rule Change Proposal Guide
Guide for preparing a rule change proposal

Rule changes for 2020
Rule changes for 2019
Rule changes for 2018
Rule changes for 2017
Rule changes for 2016
Rule changes for 2015
Rule changes for 2014
Rule changes for 2013
Rule changes for 2012
Rule changes for 2011
Rule changes for 2010
Rule changes for 2009
Rule changes for 2008
Rule changes for 2007
Rule changes for 2006


Novice Handbook (2018)
Introduction to the ICSCC Novice program, including information about how to get started, license types, course flag orientation, and other information you need to get started racing with ICSCC.


Policy and Procedures Manual (2020)
The Policy and Procedures Manual sets forth, on a continuing basis, the policies established by the Executive Board to conduct and implement all ICSCC affairs.


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