Race Officials

The Race Officials Division of ICSCC is responsible for organizing, training, and licensing responsible individuals to act as officials and marshals at all racing events held under Conference sanction. Its primary goal is to provide the safest possible conditions for the holding of competition events by ensuring that properly trained and experienced personnel conduct and marshal all racing meets sanctioned by Conference.

Race marshals, sometimes called corner workers or turn workers, are essential to motorsports. Events simply cannot go on without them. They are volunteers who are passionate about our sport. Some marshals get involved with the intention of ending up in the driver's seat, while others are happiest in a turn station, just a few feet from the action, an integral part of the race.

These dedicated volunteers are always glad to welcome new enthusiasts. If you'd like to join them, or just learn more about what they do, contact anyone in the list below or, if you prefer, simply come out to any ICSCC event and ask any official how to get involved: you'll be made very welcome!

Club/Group Contact Phone number
Cascade Sports Car Club (CSCC) Susan Thorn 352-200-0839
International Race Drivers' Club (IRDC) Ralph Hunter 425-355-9518
Motorsport Emergency and
Turnworkers Association (META)
Thomas Liesner 604-584-1503
Northwest Motor Sports (NWMS) Jay Sharp 509-710-5755
Sports Car Club of BC (SCCBC) Tasma Wooton 604-854-4245

Formal training sessions are offered periodically, and new volunteers are also trained by experienced marshals during race and driver training events. Whether you attend a training session or just come out on a regular race weekend you will learn what the racing flags mean and how they are used, about hand signals, how to use a radio, how to push a formula car, how to write an incident report, how to use grease sweep, what to do in case of fire... and you can also learn about the proper racing line, correct apexes, weight transfer, race strategy, car handling, rain racing, and a multitude of other things from the experienced and knowledgeable people in white who make racing possible.

ROD application form (Coming Soon)
Join the Race Officials Division; membership IS NOT required in order to volunteer at an event

Race Officials Division Handbook (2015)

There is no requirement to belong to any organization if you wish to volunteer trackside. Minimum age for ICSCC marshals in "hot" areas is 18, although younger people often assist in Timing & Scoring, Tech Inspection, Registration, and so on.

Watch this short video to hear from one of the many dedicated marshals that volunteers with ICSCC.


Race marshal personnel

Course Marshal/Chief Turn Marshal
Turn Marshals
Flag Marshals
Safety Marshals
and others

Other race officials and workers

Pit Stewards and Marshals
Tech Inspectors
Race Chairmen and related executive personnel
Mobile Emergency Personnel

What to bring?

The costs of becoming a race marshal are minimal, the more so as you will quickly find friends to stay with when you travel, and the hosting club often provides some of your food. There are a few things you will need: rain gear and good shoes, plenty of sunscreen and a hat, a small cooler with lots of water or other healthy drinks and snacks, a reliable whistle, insect repellent, and layers of clothes for any weather. In time you may add other things such as mechanic's gloves, a belt for a radio, a good pair of snips, a small fire extinguisher, and perhaps a stopwatch. Marshals dress in white (or light colors) so that drivers will be able to see them clearly and won't mistake them for a flag. Dress in layers so you can stay comfortable through a long day in a climate that can be unpredictable.