International Conference of Sports Car Clubs

The International Conference of Sports Car Clubs ("Conference") is an association of independent sports car clubs in the United States and Canada. It was founded in 1957 and is the largest sports car racing sanctioning body in the Pacific Northwest. It consists of Member and Affiliate Clubs in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

Every Conference driver is represented in the affairs of ICSCC through his/her club's representative on the Contest Board. Drivers are involved at the club level in formation of the meeting agenda and representatives participate in Contest Board meetings under specific instructions which assure that their drivers' opinions are reflected in discussion and voting. Each club has one vote on the Contest Board for every driver in the club.

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Conference and its clubs are dedicated to keeping racing affordable and accessible for the amateur. Car classifications and preparation rules are structured to allow participation of the widest possible range of cars, from formula cars to custom-built sports racers to production based or even showroom stock cars. There is something to appeal to every taste and every budget!

The following short video is an example of one of our closed-wheel, multi-class race groups in ICSCC.