Perpetual Awards

A large amount of the history of Conference lies in the honors earned by its members. The three premier forms of recognition are Novice of the Year (the Sterne Cup), Driver of the Year (the Randall Cup), and Worker of the Year.

Driver of the Year

Presented to an ICSCC driver who has demonstrated outstanding ability, sportsmanship, and the promotion of the organization in the finest spirit of Conference.

In 2001 the Driver of the Year trophy was renamed in honor of Bob and Hilda Randall.

The ICSCC Driver of the Year is selected by the Competition Committee.

Rick Bostrom

Year Recipient(s)
2022 Bill Ecker
2019 Daniele Hovington
2018 Linda Heinrich
2017 Scott Morton
2016 Mike Tripp
2015 Greg Coffin
2014 Chris and Linda Heinrich
2013 Charles Hurley
2012 Dave Bennitt
2011 Jon Bonforte
2010 Mike Olsen
2009 Randy Blaylock
2008 Greg Miller
2007 Gary Bockman
2006 Craig Curtis
2005 Mike Blaszczak
2004 Rick Delamare
2003 Mark Keller
2002 Jacqueline Kahn
2001 Dan Heinrich
2000 Dennis Peters
1999 Olov Brandfors
1998 Paul Whitworth
1997 Dick Boggs
1996 Ed Humphrey
1995 Al Ores
1994 Bill Murray
1993 Jack Scher
1992 John Brewer
1991 Skip Yocom and Gary Bockman
1990 Diane Morgan
1989 Carl Morgan
1988 Don Kitch, Jr.
1987 Steve Giamberardini
1986 Don Smethers
1985 Jay Wratten
1984 Bill Root
1983 Ken Canon
1982 Mary Ann Hutton
1981 Ron Householder
1980 Doug Blackburn
1979 Bob Henkel
1978 Jerry Barnett
1977 Ken Giske
1976 Bill Stevens
1975 Ernest Anderson
1974 Win Casey

Novice of the Year

Presented to the driver from the Novice Program who has demonstrated outstanding development and ability on and off the track over the course of the season.

The Novice of the Year award is named for George "G.B." Sterne. G.B. and his wife Lydia were active supporters of Conference, running the Novice Program in the late 1960s, as well as G.B. acting as our first Vice President.

The ICSCC Novice of the Year is selected by the License Director.

Jake Borrelli

Year Recipient(s)
2022 Soner Terek
2019 Sofia Beachman
2018 John Parkinson
2017 Knut Grimsrud
2016 Jenny Liu
2015 Corey Peters
2014 James Phoenix
2013 Olivier Henrichot
2012 Daryl Owens
2011 Adrianna Klein
2010 John McDermott
2009 Scott Norton
2008 Jeff Broadhead
2007 Rod Powell and Dave Haire
2006 Brad Greco
2005 Nicholas Belling
2004 Don Roberts
2003 Gabe Henderson
2002 Brett Leahy
2001 Derek Smith
2000 Greg Hinkel
1999 Calvin Lofton
1998 Vince Locicero
1997 George Burgesser
1996 Matthew "Bud" Mansur
1995 Sarah Cohen
1994 Larry Olsen and Shannon Imel
1993 Guy Banks
1992 Dennis Lynn
1991 Jay Culbertson
1990 Craig Busic
1989 Christopher Arcoleo
1987 Skip Yocom
1984 Charley Hexom
1983 Larry and Curtis Smith
1977 Bruce Sanders

Worker of the Year

Presented to the Race Officials Division member who has demonstrated their passion for the sport, works events at both their home track and the other tracks in Conference, is an ambassador for the sport and for Conference, and is involved in their club at multiple levels.

The ICSCC Worker of the Year is selected by the Race Officials Division Director.

Phil Edwards

Year Recipient(s)
2022 Linda Blackburn
2019 Valerie Dare
2018 Lynn Rimmer
2017 Joel Brown
2016 Gail Fetterman
2015 Dave & Julie Riehl
2014 Ralph Hunter
2013 Ray Yost
2012 Jim O'Keefe
2011 Lauren Stimson
2010 Roger Salomon
2009 Julie Winslow and Donna Adams
2008 Ralph Hunter
2007 Scott Ahrens
2006 Rob Jacobsen and Thomas Liesner
2005 Adam Jacobsen
2004 Jason Brassfield
2003 Jerry Coughran
2002 Holly Remington
2001 George Chambers
2000 Bob Dratwa
1999 Jo Adair
1998 Linda Blackburn
1997 John Bradshaw
1996 Nick Roche
1995 George Burgesser
1994 Bonnie Healy
1993 Tom McCoy
1992 Margie and Neil Swanson
1991 Douglas Taylor
1990 Pat Ross
1987 Hilda and Bob Randall
1985 Rick Smale
1984 Rick Neyedli
1983 Buzz Beley
1982 Gail Fetterman

Worker's Choice Award

Presented to the ICSCC driver who has received the most votes from Conference volunteers over the course of a season, the Worker's Choice Award was created in 2010 as a way to recognize the support the volunteers receive from the drivers. Each volunteer has the opportunity to vote for their favorite driver at each championship event.

The ICSCC Worker's Choice Award is selected by members of the Race Officials Division.

Charles Hurley

Year Recipient(s)
2022 Scott Morton
2019 Daniele Hovington
2018 Brad Greco
2017 Brad Greco
2016 Randy Blaylock
2015 Michael Lensen
2014 Michael Lensen
2013 Tracey Hazard
2012 Mike McAleenan
2011 Mike McAleenan
2010 Mike McAleenan

Retired Numbers

#45 - Group 1

In appreciation of Dick Whittemore’s contributions to ICSCC over the past 25 years we have retired his number (45) from group 1. Dick raced many different types of cars over his 25 years of racing with ICSCC. He drove Club Fords in 1998 and ended his racing career driving a PRO3. Dick's dedication and service to ICSCC included numerous years as Insurance advisor, legal advisor and new race track advisor. Dick was the person Naughton Insurance requested to oversee the approval of Spokane Raceway and TC's track at Port Orford in the mid 1990's. Past Presidents used him many times as an advisor on a variety of issues. Dick would always do anything asked of him to help conference. He was the first person I know of who left a donation ($2500.00) to ICSCC in his will, showing his dedication to our organization.