Novice Program

Any person 18 years of age or older who holds a valid state or provincial driver's license may apply to the ICSCC for a competition license. Also required are a physical examination and current membership in an ICSCC Member Club or Affiliate Club.

The first step to earning your racing license is to take a Race Driver Training course. These are offered several times each year by Conference clubs: see the schedule for information on this year's dates and venues. Other racing schools may be recognized as well; if you are considering one and aren't sure whether it will earn you credit toward an ICSCC license, ask the License Director.

You can use your own car for Driver Training, provided it passes a basic technical inspection, or you can rent or buy a racecar. Students are advised to do their school in a car they are familiar with, and their first few races in a variety of cars so that they have an idea what class appeals to them most before buying their own racecar.

Once you have successfully completed your race training you may apply for your Novice Racing License. As a Novice driver you will compete with other Novices in either the Novice Open Wheel or Novice Closed Wheel class, depending on what type of car you own, rent, or borrow.

Novice races are intended to be primarily learning experiences, with emphasis on safety and technique over speed. They are observed by senior drivers who give feedback on such things as line, cornering, shifting, use of mirrors, observation of flags, and safety in traffic. You will also observe several senior sessions from various corner stations, learning about the duties and concerns of the Safety and Communications workers. You will also have spent a half-day in Technical Inspection. This will help you learn what is involved in putting on a race event and is an opportunity to learn things you might otherwise spend years stumbling upon for yourself. It's also a great way to get to know some fine people!

If, after three races (this may be reduced under special circumstances), the License Director is satisfied that you have the skills, knowledge, and attitude to handle competition in a field of senior drivers, he or she will upgrade your license to International Road Racing ( IRR or "Senior"). An IRR license allows you to enter races in the senior groups. Also, with the License Director's permission, you will still be able to enter Novice races for additional track time and training.

10 Steps to Becoming a Novice Racer in the ICSCC

  1. You should get acquainted with the Competition Rules. In particular, you must read and know Section 3 on licensing requirements. Also see Section 11 on required technical inspections and safety gear.
  2. Download the competition license application. There is a checklist there for the forms, club membership card and $90 license fee for one year licenses or $180 for two year licenses you will need to send to the License Registrar who may be contacted at:
  3. Additional forms referenced on the license application include the Medical History form which you have to complete every year and the Physical Examination form which is required to be completed by your doctor for your first year and then follow the physical schedule in rule 302.C of the ICSCC Competition Regulations.
  4. You have to belong to a Conference member or affiliate club in order to get an ICSCC competition license. Send a copy of your club membership card, MotorsportReg receipt, or email verification from your club with your competition license application.
  5. You also need a copy of your driver's school certificate from one of Conference's Driver's Training programs or a comparable school. Note that you must be signed off by your instructor on your certificate as being ok to race. You can register for Driver's Training events on If you don't have an account with, you will need to set one up.
  6. Another thing you will need is a four-digit ICSCC Competition license number. This number is assigned to you by the ICSCC License Registrar. This is your unique identifier number which will stay with you as long as you are an ICSCC licensed driver. This number will be printed on your Novice license. You may request "Guaranteed" car number(s) between 00 and 299 for your Novice license and any later Championship race group(s) you are planning to run in. It is recommended that you contact the ICSCC License Registrar prior to submitting your application to discuss your number options.
  7. If you have prior school and/or road racing experience with sanctioning bodies other than ICSCC, please contact the License Director to talk about your background. Also read Section 3 in the Competition Rules for the license requirements.
  8. If you have any questions regarding licensing or the licensing process contact the License Director. If you have car classification questions contact the Race Steward.
  9. Once you get your license you can register for novice races at As noted above, if you don't have an account with, you will need to set one up.
  10. Have fun and be safe. Repeat.