Novice Program

Any person 16 years of age or older who holds a valid state or provincial driver's license may apply to the ICSCC for a competition license. Also required is a current membership in an ICSCC Member Club or Affiliate Club.

Prior to applying for your competition license, you must take a Race Driver Training course. These are offered several times each year by Conference clubs: see the schedule for information on this year's dates and venues. Other racing schools may be recognized as well; if you are considering one and aren't sure whether it will earn you credit toward an ICSCC license, ask the License Director.

You can use your own car for Driver Training, provided it passes a basic technical inspection, or you can rent or buy a racecar. Students are advised to do their school in a car they are familiar with, and their first few races in a variety of cars so that they have an idea what class appeals to them most before buying their own racecar.

Once you have successfully completed your race training, you may apply for your ICSCC Competition (Novice race) License. As a Novice driver, your primary goal is learning, with an emphasis on flagging, safety, and driving technique over speed. The novice program focuses on three main areas of your racing while on track: situational awareness, good judgment, and sportsmanship. In races, senior drivers will observe and offer feedback on such things as a novice’s racing line, use of mirrors, observation of flags, and awareness and etiquette on track.

A significant aspect of the novice program is getting to know ICSCC and the folks who volunteer their time to ensure we can race. This is accomplished through volunteering to work at a ICSCC race weekend(s). You will spend one day working at a turn station or in pre-grid. In addition, you will spend a partial day in Tech Inspection. These experiences will help you learn what is involved in putting on a race event and concerns of the Safety and Communications workers. It's also a great way to get to know some fine people!

To validate that your novice experience has indeed had a lasting impact on your knowledge of the sport, there is a multiple-choice exam that will be given.


  1. After three successful race days, including starting and finishing qualifying and racing, and attending all mandatory meetings (this may be reduced under special circumstances)
  2. Successful completion of volunteer work
  3. Completing three driver interviews
  4. Passing the multiple choice exam

the License Director is satisfied that you have the skills, knowledge, and proper attitude, they will upgrade you to a senior license (ARR/IRR).

6 Steps to Becoming a Novice Racer in the ICSCC

  1. Join a member or affiliate club of Conference (ICSCC). A list of clubs can be found on this website - here: Club Contacts

    You must belong to a Conference member or affiliate club in order to get an ICSCC competition license. Your club membership is how your voice is heard through our competition rules change process. Send a copy of your club membership card, MotorsportReg receipt, or email verification from your club with your competition license application.

  2. You should get acquainted with the Competition Rules. In particular, you must read and know Section 3 on licensing requirements. Also see Section 11 on required technical inspections and safety gear.
  3. While a physical examination is not required for a Novice License, it is recommended that you have one prior to going racing. ICSCC does require a physical exam for their International Road Racing (IRR or Gold) license if you’d like to upgrade to the top tier license. Upgrading to an Area Road Racing license (ARR or Silver) allows you to race in all of the same ICSCC races as an IRR license does without the physical requirement, however. The physical form for a doctor to fill out can be found here: ICSCC Forms
  4. Go to, then click “Find Events” and type in “ICSCC” to locate the current year’s License Application. Fill out the entire form, attach a copy of your Driver’s School certificate, proof of your club membership, physical form your doctor filled out (if required), and pay the license fee. Current fees are $90 for one year or $180 for two years. Note: if you apply for a two year license you’ll also need a matching two year club membership. You may be prompted to give your 4-digit ICSCC Competition License number. Ignore this your first time applying. You can also request a guaranteed car number during the online application process, if you’d like one.
  5. Wait to receive your Novice Competition License in the mail from ICSCC’s License Registrar ( and get ready to begin your racing career!!
  6. GO RACING! Have Fun and see if you have what it takes to win ICSCC’s G.B. Sterne award for Novice of the Year.

Your First Race Weekend Guide

Congratulations, you’ve received your Novice competition license, it’s springtime, and you’re ready to go racing…. Now what?

  • Keep an eye on ICSCC calendar of events. Through the calendar you’ll find all events sanctioned by ICSCC (Driver’s training, Test N Tunes, Time Trials, and races). You’ll register for these events through, but for your convenience there will be a link on the ICSCC calendar to take you directly to the registration page.
  • At your first race weekend of the year, you’ll want to get an annual tech completed if you plan on running multiple races during the season. An annual tech for your gear and your car will decrease the amount of effort it takes to complete tech at each subsequent race you attend that year. Find one of the race stewards at the track on Friday evening before the race and they’ll assist you with an Annual. If your car has NEVER raced before (IE brand new build) they will also be able to do a technical/safety review, stamp your roll cage, and issue your car a Log Book.
  • Next, head to registration with your:
    • competition license with annual gear tech sticker
    • driver's license
    • vehicle logbook with completed annual tech sticker
    • Cash, credit card, or check - if you don’t want to use the credit card you included on your MSR (Motorsportsreg) entry
  • At registration, you’ll fill out a Technical Inspection Form. Fill out the information at the top of the form, and show your proof of annual tech. At this point you’ll receive a small white “weekend tech” sticker. Place this sticker on the driver side of your car somewhere visible from the outside (upper corner of windshield, roll cage, etc). THIS STICKER IS YOUR PASS TO GET ONTO THE TRACK! Pre-grid will be looking for it before you leave pre-grid for the hot track.
  • If you have not had an annual tech, at registration they will still give you the Technical Inspection Form. Once you finish paying and registering, you leave the registration area and seek out Tech. Some clubs have a dedicated tech place where you can take your car, gear, and form to have tech inspection completed for that race. Other clubs will do “roaming” tech, where you can stay in your paddock space and a tech inspection official will come to you. You’re new and NOT EXPECTED TO KNOW which club does which method, that’s ok. Ask a fellow racer close to you how to complete tech if you are unsure. Either way, the tech official will give you the same white “weekend tech” sticker that needs to be on your car before you may enter the racing surface. Besides your race car, you’ll need to present your logbook and safety gear at tech inspection if you have not received an annual car and gear tech sticker for the current season.
  • The “Weekend Tech” sticker is exactly like it sounds, your proof that you have passed tech for that race weekend only. You’ll need a new one of these every weekend you race with ICSCC. Super easy to get while you’re at registration if you’ve completed your annual car and gear tech.
  • Also, at registration you will be able to pick up a weekend schedule and a copy of the supplemental regulations. Grab one of each and READ THEM! A good thing to do with your schedule is to tape it somewhere in your paddock area that you (and others) can quickly reference – side of your trailer, hang on a clipboard, etc. The track, stewards, license director will not wait for you… It is your responsibility to be on time to all required meetings, track tours, etc.
  • If the racers around your paddock area don’t introduce themselves to you, go introduce yourself to them. Amateur racing is as much about the fun as it is about the racing. Make some friends and have a good time.

Other Things to Know as You Get Started Racing

  • You will be assigned a four-digit ICSCC Competition license number. This is different than your car number. Your license number is assigned to you by the ICSCC License Registrar. This is your unique identifier number which will stay with you as long as you are an ICSCC licensed driver. This number will be printed on your Novice license. You may request "Guaranteed" car number(s) between 00 and 299 for your Novice license and any later Championship race group(s) you are planning to run in. It is recommended that you contact the ICSCC License Registrar prior to submitting your application to discuss your number options.
  • If you have prior school and/or road racing experience with sanctioning bodies other than ICSCC, please contact the License Director to talk about your background and other licensing options. Also read Section 3 in the Competition Rules for the license requirements.
  • If you have any questions regarding licensing or the licensing process, contact the License Director.
  • If you have car classification questions, contact the Race Steward.
  • Once you get your license you can register for ICSCC races as a Novice at As noted above, if you don't have an account with, you will need to set one up.
  • Two additional paths to licensing are Enduro and Observation Licenses. The intent of these licenses is to provide alternate licensing paths for experienced racers and those with endurance racing experience (Lucky Dog, Chumpcar, Lemons, AER, etc.) to come racing with ICSCC. Contact the License Director for more information.

Whether you are a first-time novice, a currently licensed racer from a different organization, or have prior racing experience, use this LICENSING PATH FLOWCHART to determine the steps for getting a competition license with ICSCC based on your experience.

LASTLY, the ICSCC License Director is here to help guide you through the process. Please contact she or he for any questions you might have.