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    I is sad...

    Despite the 3 absolutely fantastic race weekends in a row sharing Jim McAdie's car I is sad.:( I will not get to be with my friends at the track for so long. Never mind the not racing which is sad too. The last 3 weeks have been the most fun I have had in a long time. :biggrin: Oh wait! We...
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    Transportation at ORP from track to Pavilion and back Saturday night?

    It's my brother and Crew Chief Cam's Birthday Saturday night. So be sure to say Happy Birthday to him as he is a 49 yr old youngster. So we will be in no shape for driving. Track is too far for crawling distance in our old bones. :redface: Just sayin.... I don't see bus serve listed on the...
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    Car Tender Challenge Race & German Touring Car Challenge race is now Annual Event!

    Car Tender Challenge Race & German Touring Car Challenge race is now Annual Event! Please to announce on behalf of IRDC that Car Tender who is the sponsor for that race again was very pleased with the turnout. As was IRDC as a club. The German Touring Car Challenge turnout was fantastic and a...
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    IRDC Special Race Announcment for 9/25/10 Godzilla vs. Mothra vs. Hedorah - JTCC!

    As the IRDC Marketing and Promotions Director I am please to announce on behalf of IRDC the Special Race for Saturday, 9th of September. Japanese Touring Car Challenge - Godzilla vs. Mothra vs. Hedorah Class Description & Rules 1. Godzilla Class - Any Forced induction or over 2.4L or any car...
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    Announcement: German Touring Car Challenge Rules

    All cars must be German no badge engineering :p All Pro3 cars to be run per Pro3 rules. (so the 944 Cup cars can play competitively) All 944 Cup cars to be run per their rule set. All other German cars (911's, VW's) may run production or SPM/SPU rule set except Pro3 cars & 944 Cup cars (see...
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    Car Tender Challenge-German Touring Car Challenge

    I posted this up on the BMW forum one more time.....
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    Thanks to all the Spokane workers and Volunteers

    You put on a good show in the heat. Thanks for being there for us.
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    ICSCC Website!

    Nice work Steve and the whole team who put the new site together. Jordan Sullivan Art direction and graphics Matthew James Taylor Original CSS template for the menu system Gerry Frechette Photographs, unless otherwise noted
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    Ride needed to Spokane on Friday 7-9-2010

    My brother/Crew Chief Cam has to work on Friday until 11 am. :frown: Would be ready to leave his North Lynnwood apartment about 11:30-11:45 soonest. Can possibly drive to meet someplace if not too far as his vehicle has issues and will be replaced soon. If you think you can help please email...
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    Orp photos?

    I need a really good 3/4 front action shot of my car at ORP for a sponsor commitment. Will buy the picture no problem if required. Car #15 groups 1 and 4. If you could email me small proofs (watermarked is fine) so I can select the proper photo I would appreciate it. I can not access...
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    ORP Race #1 Race Announcement?

    ICSCC Policy and Procedures 2010 Page 40 14.2.2 Based on the annual race schedule, as established by the Executive Board at the Spring Meeting, Memos containing race announcements and race entry forms shall be mailed no later than 35 days prior to any ICSCC championship race. Unless my math is...
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    In car real time GPS Stand alone Data Logger & Lap timer for sale

    Updated-In car real time GPS Stand alone Data Logger & Lap timer for sale Update - Now with brand new battery for the Dell Axim Display $25 value. The battery in the GPS module was brand new last year. Both are Lithium-Ion. MaxQData MQGPS with Dell Axim X50 Pocket PC. Includes manual and...
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    #15 Pit Stop video and pictures

    Pit Stop video Pictures Thanks to Roger from my work for taking the pit video using Chris's camera (he was busy on the car) and to James and Chris from Spokane for the pictures. They are part...
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    6 Hours of Pacific Raceway Enduro Thank You's!

    First of all BIG thank you to IRDC & ICSCC Officials for a fantastic job of running the race. Second thank you to all of you in white for the great job you did in unbelievable weather (again). Third thank you to my team for putting up with me and letting me race with you guys. You’re the best...
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    Eibach 0500.225.0900 springs pair $60

    Used once only. Springs are 5.0" tall (free) x 2.25" I.D. x 3.25 O.D.