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    24' Haulmark Enclosed Trailer For Sale $8900

    A friend of mine is selling his 24' Haulmark enclosed trailer on C/L: He also mentions his 2005 Chevy 2500 which is equally as nice and available for sale. It's a nice specimen and worth a look if you are in the market for such a thing.
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    FS: 18' Flatbed open trailer

    Posted here for your viewing pleasure and optical enjoyment: It's a steel deck, 18' dual-axle 7,000# GVWR utility/equipment trailer. Can it haul a racecar of your choosing? You bet! The great feature with this particular trailer is the...
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    A good ST candidate for sale: '04 Subaru WRX STi

    For the most part, it's stock... Affiliation: it's my daily racer...I mean, "driver", it's my daily driver...
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    I gots stuff for sale (tools and such)

    My father in-law was a heavy equipment mechanic for 40+ years and collected an eclectic bunch of tools. He passed away recently and now I am now charged with selling the collection in an effort to generate cash for his widdow. Much of what is there can be used in the typical racer's garage, so...
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    Annual Tech Form - current?

    When downloading the annual tech form off the website, I noticed it's a 2007 form. Is this the most current? More specifically, is this the correct version to use for the 2010 race season? Thanks, in advance.
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    Need an aluminum welder in Tacoma

    Anyone here know of a shop that is set up for aluminum welding in the south end? I'd prefer Tacoma/Gig Harbor. Nothing big, just two small jobs for the racecar. Thanks, in advance.
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    TCMotorsports Open House - 12/19

    I didn't see this posted here yet and figure there's enough folks out there that would be interested to know about it... Here's the text from the invite posted at the website: TC Motorsports Open House Tomorrow! Just a reminder that we are having an open house...
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    E-Crew Training

    I have an idea for what could be a great training tool for our already skilled E-crew team...who should I speak with regarding this? Thanks!
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    Rose City Opener - A success!

    Rather than step on the Novice thread, I'll start this one to share my gratitude to CSCC for another great race weekend! What great way to start the season; from what I could see, I don't believe there were any major incidents?? For that matter, I don't think there were that many minor incidents...
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    An electrical curiosity...

    So, I've been thinking, like many others here I'm sure, when will we see the first pure electric race car show up somewhere...I don't think it's an 'if' question, but more of a 'when' fact, you know? Where would something like that fit into the class structure? Is there an allowance for such an...
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    An exciting Pro3 Announcement!

    As many faithful lurkers of this forum may recall, Pro3 was successful in securing Bimmerworld ( as one of the class's headline sponsors for the 2009 racing season... We'd like to share an exciting development to this sponsorship by announcing that James Clay, owner of...
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    NWERS - 6 hour Announcement?

    I was lurking through ICSCC and IRDC web sites looking for the spring enduro race announcement and was unsuccessful in locating it. Did I not look in the right place, or is it just not out yet?