I gots stuff for sale (tools and such)


40-weight Ball Bearings
My father in-law was a heavy equipment mechanic for 40+ years and collected an eclectic bunch of tools. He passed away recently and now I am now charged with selling the collection in an effort to generate cash for his widdow.

Much of what is there can be used in the typical racer's garage, so I felt it appropriate to post here (Admin, feel free to correct me!)

Some of the remaining 'bigger' items include:

1. Miller Millermatic 200 mig welder with bottle and 50# wire (.035") and new gun $1,400
2. Sears air compressor (older) 20-gallon, 2hp, 220v. Works great! $150
3. Knaak Gang Box, model 2048 (I believe) big, brown and secure! $250
4. Welding torch supplies including new hoses, Oxy/Accetalene regulators, lots of tips, goggles, etc. (sorry, no torch or bottles though)
5. Makita 10" bench top table saw model #2711 with extension and angle guide fence $250
6. Matco 7-piece aircraft drill bit set $50
7. 36" Ridgid pipe wrench, aluminum, $50
8. Napa rolling tool chest (the larger model), certainly not 'Snap-on' quality, but will work for someone's shop $300 (you can get this after it's been emptied)
9. lots of misc hand tools, pliers, hammers, bolt cutters, punches, taps, combo wrenches, etc.
10. Big wrenches...like 1" and larger
11. Lifting chains (rated for 2100# and 3500#)
12. Big-a$$ electric drill; Milwaukee 6.0amp 450rpm (will rip your arm off!) $50

This is currently loaded into a covered trailer and I'll bring that up to PR this Saturday morning for folks to take a look-see. Stop by my car first, you'll find me with TCMotorsports.

I'm always open to hearing your thoughts on pricing, but I'll also reiterate what the money is being used for.

Thanks for looking.


40-weight Ball Bearings
Sorry; drill press is spoken for and no machining tools. He was a heavy equipment mechanic so think 'big'. Look for a black "Trailmaster" flatbed trailer with a brown sheet metal box on it this weekend.

When empty, the trailer will also be for sale.


40-weight Ball Bearings
It's yours David! It's a biggun too. Any interest in some larger wrenches? They'll be in the trailer as well.