Rose City Opener - A success!


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Rather than step on the Novice thread, I'll start this one to share my gratitude to CSCC for another great race weekend! What great way to start the season; from what I could see, I don't believe there were any major incidents?? For that matter, I don't think there were that many minor incidents either...

Thanks to the workers, the crews, the racers! I had a blast!

And speaking of such things...does anyone happen to have the final race results from Group 1? All the sheets were gone by the time I left the track.


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There was some kind of computer problem with Group 1 - sheet had no times and was highly inaccurate. Those timing folk are good people though, I'm sure it will get sorted.

All I can say is thanks to the volunteers and to Cascade for putting on a heck of a good race. Thanks from the ground pounders! If you didn't attend, you missed out on a good one.


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We're aware of the G1 problem. The provisional results were correct, but the official results were nerfed. Since I was tired, I signed 'em anyway. Sorry for the confusion!


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Great weekend! More than a couple of issues with the car that were a royal PIA (did you know cars don't go fast when suck air instead of fuel??), but we got it to 100% for the G1 race and had a killer battle right to the flag, so I'll call that a success! Thanks very much for all the encouragement from the corners to soldier on in G5, I definitely noticed, and I really appreciated it!


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So Blaszczak, are you now on double secret probation due to your oversight? Did you call my # at the meeting? Did you miss me at all? Uh huh, that's what I figured...


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Steward Bill: "So, what did you do? Just pick three cars at random and call them?"
Steward Mike: "Yeah, three at random. Plus Wes."


Things went so well that I had to do something to keep the Stewards on their toes. The stewards have the correct results and will be publishing them shortly.the only changes between provisonal and final were 2 underweight cars. Lets see we can keep this going during the next few races. Makes life in Timing and scoring a breeze.


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I had to blast out of PIR right after my group 5 race. Who do I contact to pick up my trophy and such?


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I doubt I need much of an intro due to my well known crustiness, but yes, you are indeed correct. The 'boss' felt that my later season participation in Conference 'stuff' required early season other 'stuff'. So we mowed, weeded, pruned, dump runned, dog walked etc. all week-end. Wore me out for sure, but such huge gains were made and many 'atta boy' points were earned, so it was a good thing!
I have naively agreed, (yet again), to assist Mr. Boyd in chairing the upcoming PR event, at the loss of an offered ride in G4 with the M3, (can you say dumb ass), so I will definitely sees ya Saturday AM for hot Bosco and donuts.


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Hey Wes,
Since when does being an assistant Race Chair prevent one from driving? Cascade's race chairmen in the past have raced on our race weekends. Bockman was racing with the GASS series last weekend while still performing his race chairmanly duties. Long as someone is in the hot seat while you're out playing, go for it. Doing that job only really cuts down on how much time you can spend wrenching on the car.