An exciting Pro3 Announcement!


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As many faithful lurkers of this forum may recall, Pro3 was successful in securing Bimmerworld ( as one of the class's headline sponsors for the 2009 racing season...

We'd like to share an exciting development to this sponsorship by announcing that James Clay, owner of Bimmerworld and Bimmerworld Racing will be joining us to compete in a Pro3 race at the Portland June 7th race weekend!

James and his drivers compete in the SCCA Speed World Challenge, campaigning a BMW E90 chassis which they developed in-house for racing. For more detail on James, I invite anyone to skip on over to and take a tour of the site.

From James Clay:

"I am really excited to get back out to Portland for the first time in a few years to run with the Pro-3 guys. I first really tuned into Pro-3 over this past winter after receiving a calendar with a lot of pictures of really cool, clean E30 cars. Since then, I have gotten more involved and BimmerWorld stepped up to sponsor the series as well. This is a great group of guys, great group of cars, and I am looking forward to rubbing elbows with everyone this Summer!

Wes Hill (and a few other guys) offered their cars for me to run a weekend. Having run a few Spec E30 cars on our side of the country, this will be a really cool experience to run in this similar-but-different series."

It's safe to say that the Pro3 group is pretty excited about this opportunity to directly share what we do with not only a sponsor, but someone with extensive professional racing experience.

Help us welcome James into the ICSCC family on June 7th!!