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I have an idea for what could be a great training tool for our already skilled E-crew team...who should I speak with regarding this?

Do share Mike. We're all ears.

Is there a particular team (IRDC, SCCBC, CSCC, TC, SCCA, local FD) that you'd like to discuss it with?

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Get ahold of Ricky. He used to run a couple of training sessions a year at Pacific for his crew. But I haven't seen him do it in a couple of years. Crew has been pretty stable and function WELL!

Jason used to have an old stock car 'hunk' laying out there that was used for fire drills. Haven't seen it in a while either.
But wait...!

The ICSCC Regs do not recognize any administrative leadership in that particular specialty.

So the answer is, "Nobody".

But another great training tool is working F&C, pick up a few pointers and becoming a Safety Marshal there. A perfect opportunity will present itself on Saturday morning (You'll see mention on other threads). Wes could get his fill of investigating the operation of all of the Marshalling duties (as assigned).

What better way to spend a Halloween?
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40-weight Ball Bearings
So here's my thinking:

We have in our midst, a Pro3 car that was wrecked at Seattle and presently resides in the Portland area. It has been stripped of all its racing goodies and is a tub with a cage.

Harkening back to my volunteer firefighting days, I always appreciated the training on different types of cars and extrication procedures. I would imagine that extricating an adult form from a racecar with cage is a different challenge in itself.

The tub has been offered up for a right-proper butchering. Perhaps this could also include some driver egress practice with said car on its roof, side, etc.

I say we do this in Seattle at some point in the off-season and invite any E-crew members to join the training.

Setting fire to a carcass may prove illegal by the local authorities, but it's worth checking into. It would give anyone in attendence the chance to actually use a firebottle on a gas fire on a car.

Let 'er rip! I'm open to ideas...is this far-fetched? Impossible? Improbable? Inappropriate? Inadequate? (I'm all out of 'in-s')

The tub owner is ready to send this off to the crusher, so I should let him know sooner rather than later if this has a chance.
Very nice idea, Mike. Thanks for stepping up.

The CSCC Race Chair, ROD Rep, and Chief Safety Marshal, and any other with related interests may have the ability to make something like that happen. And I'm 2/3 of those. Where's this car/wad/heap, and when does it have to move someplace else? Send me a PM.

I know that ORSCCA's Emergency Services puts on an annual "P.A.S.S.-the Flame in the Pan" (I just made that up) at the Rose Cup every year. And that is always some good 'hands on', but having at a tub/shell can certainly enhance some extraction technique building.

I'm thinking we may have another of those opportunities sometime after the WorkerChumpCar is done, or finishes.

Oops... There I go again.
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I wouldnt get in too big of a hurry to hatchet up the WorkersChumpCar Ken. All the work they have been putting into it leads me to believe they are going to keep it running for the next go-round!!

Before anyone does take a hammer or jaws of life to it I want to know.


"The Okie"
oh I aint riled up. Not at all. I just know all the hard work they are putting into it and hope to see it live for further chumpcar races, which I am sure it will.
Just sayin'.., and the whole crew knows that the very last thing the WorkersChumpCar Driver, wants to do, whomever they may be at the time, is see the Safety lights parked behind them.

Especially when it gets dark. And everybody's lookin'.

There are lots of places to hide behind a wall, you know.


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At least we can be sure they won't stop driver's right between 8 & 9, right! Right, School Girl? Alister Montgomery? Has their car # been assigned yet? I'd sure like to know who to root for...although Cindi is racing too...I think.