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    Mr Bostrom, yes you have a faster race car than me. I am just a dirt farmer scratching out a living farming. We to have also volunteered a lot of time, donated hours with my heavy equipment work and donated money to support the race clubs in Oregon. With all due respect it is not appreciated to...
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    Alberto, Thank you for posting the Physical Exam Form.
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    I agree with KB-1and have the same issues. There are other race venues that we can enter that only require a valid state drivers license. I have a valid drivers license that allows me to drive any of our 18 wheel semi-trucks on our Hiways, yet I have to spend the time and money to hold a...
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    Mr. Bruce Baggett "BAGS" Passed Away Today

    It is with a sad heart that I share the news of Bruce Baggett's death. He passed away today in the McMinnville hospital. As more information for services or Memorials become available we will get them out. We will miss Bags!! May he Rest In Peace.
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    2013 ICSCC Tentative Race Schedule

    Is there any information on the ICSCC 2013 Tentative Race Schedule available ? John Rissberger # 10 Camaro A/S Oregon ICSCC Senior SCCA National
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    Paddock Thief Caught

    Just passing this along... I guess we need to lock our things up..... Paddock thief caught Some racers who were there said that he "fell" while trying to escape. Those tricky motor home steps are tough. Especially when it's someone...
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    Turn Stations

    Are the turn stations where we can see them? Are you looking at every station on track? Everyone should take a look at this video, it is just about every drivers worst nightmare (except fire of course). Sitting in the middle of the track, blown up, no way to move and just waiting for someone...
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    New Class IT-J

    I recieved this announcement of a new class IT-J for SCCA. Oregon Region announces a new class in 2012, IT-J. This class is intended to make a spot for Chump- and Lemons-prepared cars to run in Oregon Region Regional races. Chump/Lemons car prep rules are the basis of car preparation, but...
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    Happy New Year !!!!!

    Happy New Years to You and Yours Here is to another Safe and Successful Year!!!!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all and your families! John and Sheryl Rissberger
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    Update on PIR turn station drivers left on turn 6.

    As most of you know on this forum, there has been talk/requests for a turn station drivers left on turn 6 for over 2 years. Well nothing was getting done so I went to the top and contacted Portland Commissioner Mr. Nick Fish with our request. He passed me on to Mr. George Hocker Jr., the...
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    ICSCC Compatition License Renewal

    How can we make the ICSCC competition license good for 2 years. In our Rissberger Motorsports phone meeting the topic of getting out ICSCC license renewal came up. With our requirement to get a physical every 2 years, why can’t our licenses be good for 2 years??? How can we make the...
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    Sturdy Built Flat Bed Car Trailer

    Sturdy Built Car Trailer $ 1,500.00 Tandem axle flat bed car trailer. 2,500 lbs. Ramsey winch. The bed is 6’X 12’ without the side boards. 69” X 140” with side boards. For more information and Pictures John Rissberger # 10 Camaro A/S Oregon 503-678-2001
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    ORP October 2 & 3 THANK YOU

    To all the owners and staff of ORP Thank You for making this great new Race Track for us. Thanks to T C for putting on a fantastic race and ordering weather that just can't be better for racing. A special Thank You to all the workers in white !!!!! John Rissberger # 10 A/S Camaro Oregon
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    ORP update on Randy Pauker

    OREGON RACEWAY PARK May 30, 2010 12:30 P.M. Yesterday May 29th, 2010 just before noon, at the beginning of a practice session a rider leaving the hot pits was badly injured. The rider, Randy Pauker, was an experienced motorcyclist. He had been on the track earlier in the day in previous...