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    Group 2 start and wreck just a short clip from the back of the pack
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    camping at ORP

    I was just wondering if we are able to camp at ORP. could not find regulations in the TC flyer or on the ORP website. It stated dry camping apon pre-approval. Just want to know if we can camp with a small motor home.
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    fuel cell help

    I would like to switch to a fuel cell but i have some the icscc production rules it says we can run any fuel cell as long as its the same weight as the oem the scca IT rules it says we have to run a FIA fuel cell.i know the best but not cheapest option is the FIA fuel...
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    i got it in november and it is killing my home not getting any work done on the car..on x-mass day i raced with dale JR and i hate when famous people turn out to be nice... i hope some day they scan one of our tracks..