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    Welcome to XenForo!

    We've successfully migrated our forums from vBulletin to XenForo software today. All user accounts, forums, threads and posts as well as attachments seem to have made it over okay. Overall, the process went pretty smooth and things should look mostly familiar to those accustomed to the old...
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    Official status of ICSCC race at Spokane

    I don't presently have any more information than this, but I will post it as/when it becomes available: There will be no decision on the tentative triple race weekend until a special meeting of the Board on July 2nd.
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    We need to know who you are

    Now that the new version of the forum has been active for more than 2 months, I wanted to point people at the thread which makes it a requirement that your real name appear somewhere in your posts. It doesn't matter where or how you do this, so long as someone reading your post could figure out...
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    Deleting threads / posts

    While most of us have said or written things that we later regretted, one of the nice things about this forum software is that it allows you to edit your posts, or even delete them (or entire threads that you started) if you later realize that they were inappropriate, unnecessary, or simply...
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    Some more details about this forum...

    With the demise of the ads page on the Conference Web site, this forum was created to host the following types of posts: Free, business-related ads by paying advertisers in the Memo. Post announcements of sales, upcoming events, or simply changes in business hours. (Please show a little...
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    Spammers will be shot (metaphorically)

    Folks, I just had to delete a spam posting and its associated user. When I first saw the registration, I had my doubts about the "validity" of the registration, but I let it go. Just a few minutes ago, though, I saw the first post by this person and it was clearly and unequivocably spam. I...
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    Customizing your forum experience

    I highly recommend that everyone at least take a look at what's available for customization in the user control panel (the "User CP" item). There's a whole lot of options there, not least of which are features for changing your e-mail address, password, adding a signature or an avatar to your...
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    Life with vBulletin vs. Discus

    For those of use who used to use the old forum, a quick post to give you a hint about some things that are different: You can format your posts pretty easily. Bold, italic, bulleted lists, etc. You have a lot more flexibility in your member name and profile, including a signature, an avatar...
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    Admin Posts section

    Are people able to see/read that section? You won't be able to post there, but I have been putting important information there for all and the read counters indicate nobody's reading it. You should, you know. You really, really should. :)
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    A word (or three) about forum behavior

    Because I don't want to spend my life monitoring this forum, there is an expectation on my part that we will all conduct ourselves like reasonable, responsible adults. We will watch our language, avoid personal attacks or insults, and at least attempt to keep our posts on-topic. :D Failure to...
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    Results of the import

    As you can see, the import was somewhat less than successful. While our version of the Discus software is a supported upgrade path, it is much less successful when the Discus forum uses flat text files for data storage, instead of the more standard MySQL. Why the Discus people set it up this...