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Are people able to see/read that section? You won't be able to post there, but I have been putting important information there for all and the read counters indicate nobody's reading it.

You should, you know. You really, really should. :)

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You presume incorrectly. From a post in the "Randy/Fog/Fords" thread:
I've now enabled this feature so that attachments no longer eat up space in the database. While this means I will be less... twitchy about file attachments, please do continue to use common-sense judgment when deciding whether and how to post pictures and other attachments.

(Having said that, yes, posting elsewhere and linking here is the ideal. Certainly not required, though, at least not until/unless things get out of control around here.)
Hey Steve, is there anyway that I can get either the forum or this blasted, exasperating, mind of it's own computer to remember my password when I log in or do I have to enter it each time I log on? Is there a setting that I missed? I keep having to tick the "Remember Me" box everytime I sign in, but it's not 'membering. I also get three different names (???) to chose from for me to sign in under .

On our META forum, as soon as I click on the "Remeber Me" option, my user name comes up and as soon as I click on my name, my password, with little ***** marks, comes up and I'm in.

Or, as is usually the case, something that I'm doing wrong? Or I registered wrong?

Steve Adams

Just this guy, ya know?
If you've got your computer set to not remember cookies, you'd have to log in every time. That seems unlikely in your case, though, and having three names is a bit worrying. Contact me offline (admin) with your login names and I'll see what I can figure out. (FWIW, multiple logins is probably the problem: I run into the same scenario if I login as me and then as Administrator, or vice versa.)