Customizing your forum experience


Staff member
I highly recommend that everyone at least take a look at what's available for customization in the user control panel (the "User CP" item). There's a whole lot of options there, not least of which are features for changing your e-mail address, password, adding a signature or an avatar to your posts, etc.

Pretty much the only thing you canNOT change is your member name. Especially for those of you who migrated over from the Discus forum, you might be saddled with a member name that you either don't like, is listed "strangely" (all lower-case and with an underscore between names), or would just generally like to move away from. Without getting crazy about it, I'm willing to change these for folks.

There are two methods for doing so:
  • If you've never posted on the new forum, simply e-mail and request that your user account be deleted. If you choose this method, the requesting e-mail must come from the same account as that used in your original registration on the Discus-based forum. You can then create a new registration with the name/password of your choosing.
  • If you have existing posts on the vBulletin forum, e-mail with your current member name and what you'd like it to be. After I make the change, you can login with your new member name and existing password.

I'll try to do these at least every other day or thereabouts. I will NOT send a message that I've made the change, though.