Results of the import


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As you can see, the import was somewhat less than successful. While our version of the Discus software is a supported upgrade path, it is much less successful when the Discus forum uses flat text files for data storage, instead of the more standard MySQL. Why the Discus people set it up this way, I do not know.

So... Although I was able to get the forums and user accounts imported (less than perfectly for the latter, as I'll describe later), for some unexplainable reason NONE of the posts in the "General Discussion" or "Buy & Sell" forums imported. I have the data, but several attempts to import it have been strangely unsuccessful: There are no errors, but it's as if those threads/posts do not exist. I have thus far been unable to get any answers from anyone as to why, but I am continuing to research it.

You will also notice that all the posts that were imported are listed as having been posted by the user's first name, a Guest user. This is obviously incorrect but is also apparently SOP for importing from Discus forums.

As for the user accounts, basically the only data that imported successfully were the user names, display names, and the e-mail addresses, but that should work for our purposes. As you are hopefully already aware, through mail from the system that should've been sent to you, I had to reset the passwords.

I will continue to tweak the system as time goes on, but I have it configured to a point where I think it's acceptable to open up for general use.

Thank you for your continued patience.