Mr Tipton, how scandalous! A most ungentlemanly suggestion, and on a public forum no less! An even more grievous disappointment in someone who has hitherto always been a perfect model of decorum... to what further depths of depravity will the world sink?
A perfect model of decorum? Why thank you Ms. Baxter. I believe you have me confused with someone else, but I'll take the tongue in cheek compliment any day. As to further depravity, well, uh, sure, why not.
Youse Guys and Ladies sure brighten up an otherwise very dull and gloomy Friday morning! It is always a pleasure to find someone "waxing" so profoundly on matters of the moment!
Believe me, John: there's nothing profound about the sentiments inspired by the act of waxing - or the terms of their expression.
Yeah, it is a gloomy sort of day isn't it? It's a bit cooler, but still too muggy for me.

The week-end looks to be shaping up to be a good one for racing. Not too hot, some cloud cover, no moisture after tomorrow early.

As Mike B. said earlier, I think the waxing is now waning, but it's been fun!
Wish I could be there! No engine as yet. Portland finds Business coming before fun yet again, so it looks like B.C. and Mission for hopefully completing a full race weekend without an engine problem! Oh well.