Is there a reason we can't mirror the SCCA medical requirements for physical?

every five (5) years for those 16-35 years of age
every two (2) years for those 36-59 years of age

Except, obviously require 18 not 16 YOA
Well.....I didn't want to post that SCCA it is a physical every year.....

If desired we could keep that every 2 if that would be an issue.
I agree ... for situations such as Wes and others over 59, it should be every 2 - months!

Sorry, could't resist ... see how I amuse myself when I'm eating lunch at my desk??

I'll let you get back to the serious discussion now ...
Being that I am under the age of 30, I would prefer to have the physicals be less frequent. I know that I have already had 2 physicals for Conference in the time that my SCCA physical is still valid.
Thanks Bonnie, I can always count on you for some humor. 3 more years till the big 6-0, and that won't be a bit humorous! I think it should stay every other year until you get way up there like, De.., well, never mind.
ICSCC Regs. 302.C is labeled "E". Start pumping your local E-Board Rep. to propose a change.

But first...

Consider the fact that many of the ICSCC regulations have been, and probably should continue to be based on FIA standard practices, check out Appendix L to the International Sporting Code, Chapter II.1. Annual Medical Visit for Aptitude.

"International Sporting Code" it has a nice ring to it, yes?
Here's a crazy idea... have it based on your state of health, not your age.

If you're seriously overweight, have elevated blood pressure, or any of various other conditions or risk factors that others are better qualified to list, you should be required to have a medical more frequently than if you are fit and healthy. Sure, it would be a bit more work to organize, but it would address the real health issues rather than merely bureaucratic ones.

And yes, we have lots of drivers who fit those criteria! Their doctors might feel better about declaring them fit to race if they had some discretion as to how long the person was cleared for, before being examined again, and we might all benefit from the added incentive to take better care of our aging carcasses.
Well that would open a whole can of worms wouldn't it? I really think it would be much more trouble than using an arbitrary factor like age. I'm sure many drivers who were judged to be in a state health that required more frequent medical exams would protest. The medical officer would probably be the one handling the appeals and the whole system could back up.

After all we are an organization of volunteers...
That's my specialty - cans of worms... ;-)

I don't suggest a system in which they could protest their own fully qualified doctor's decision, to our medical officer who has possibly never laid eyes on them, and expect a full physical done for free to decide the matter. (Given the distribution of our drivers most of them live outside the area in which our medical officer is licensed to practise anyway.)

If they wanted a second opinion they could get one at the market rate from a doctor with established familiarity with the rigours of racing. Or they could go to such a physician in the first place, so that they aren't relying on a family practitioner who spends most of his/her time treating ringworm and prescribing contraceptives to make that sort of decision.

Look, I know full well that we'd never make such a change, and neither would any other sanction: we don't require a physical because we care what health our drivers are in, we require it because we want to cover our legal rear orifice. If the doc, any doc, says they're okay to race, then we're not at fault if they go into insulin shock or have a heart attack in the middle of a race and cause bloody mayhem all over the track and off it. That's important, and I'm not saying it isn't. I'm just suggesting that the job could be done so that it was more effective at preventing health related problems, in addition to legal ones, if it were tied to a driver's actual state of health. Only drivers who know they barely squeak through their physical have any reason to object - the ones who take good care of themselves would be getting a break on an annoying and often expensive chore.

Incidentally, anyone who finds my tendency to raise an incovenient alternate view of things annoying could ask your executive and/or club officers if there's anything you can do to help prepare the vast array of material that is needed for the next issue of the Memo. It is currently being frantically prepared by a small group of the usual overworked volunteers... and if it were here I'd have something more pressing to do than post on the forum, and be a lot less stressed about meeting the mailing deadline so you folks will have your license apps and enduro announcement and so on by the time you need them.
Bonnie you better watch out. I'm coming to get you. Old man still racing.
Why Wes!
(who seems to frequently enjoy giving the
impression of a Grumpy Old Man!),
I did not realize you were really such a
young pup!

Someone last night at the IRDC banquet was
being generally considered as an "Old Timmer",
and he had started racing in 1979.
Another asked me if I had raced against him.
My private reply to the question was,
"No. By then, I'd gotten into racing, gotten out,
went to Vietnam and back, got into racing again
and won championships, and gotten out again."

I like to think I'm just approaching the
"prime of my life"!

And - - not awfully thrilled that tomorrow AM
they want me to go in and give a "fasting blood
test" - and I am not even supposed to have any
coffee first. Frumps!
Intentional or not, they just might see my
impression of "Grumpy Old Man".
The idea of leaving the house without having
had coffee, banana, cereal and milk!

And they can never make up their mind about
the ekg. Sometimes they shave these patches
on me and use suction cups. Other times they
use tape, then when pulling it off- - - pain
and patches. Maybe I should just try out
Nair on my whole body tonight?

(warning - squick - below!, , or maybe above?)
And don't even get me started on what foods
I'm supposed to stay away from for the stool
swab sample they want.
All respect for vegetarians, but I figure my
ancestors worked real hard for thousands of
years to get us to the top of the food chain.
And I'd hate to be the one responsible for us
slipping down the chain.
Oh lord. I was afraid of something like this, when I heard him stomping up the stairs muttering. He *is* grumpy old man, with a tendancy to post TMI.

Although Nairing his whole body might be worth the entertainment value....

How about a MENTAL component to the required physical? That might weed out one or two.
Nair? Strictly for wimps. Wax, Lee - wax. You ain't lived until you've "poured hot wax on your crotch and ripped off half of your thatch" (Red Dwarf fans will know the reference). Or, like a former boyfriend of mine who did some modeling, had your chest treated likewise. Nair, indeed... you'll never stay at the top of the food chain using that stuff.
Boy am I missing out. I didn't see these last few posts from January until just now, and actually I think I'm very glad about that!

Stool samples, body waxing, thatch thinning. Wow, who knew this website could be so damn entertaining?

Lee, let's just leave our hair where it belongs, okay? What's left of it anyway...

Young pup, me, well thanks for the compliment!
Now wait a minute here. You said you didn't realize that I was such a young pup, so does that mean that you thought I was much older? Groan...

Never mind, I don't want to know.
Sure Wes, of course you want to know.
Really, yeah, you do.
The curiosity will slowly kill you.

Go ahead this weekend and ask me what
I really thought!

(as much as he posts here, I can't
believe he missed it for 6 months!)
Wes said, "Young pup, me, well thanks for
the compliment!"
You are welcome Wes. I always look forward
to comlimenting people. I look forward to
seeing you tomorrow.

Wes also said, "Lee, let's just leave our hair
where it belongs, okay? What's left of it anyway..."
Actually, I've gotten a bit lazy, and just
letting some hair grow out in places,
possibly (depending on one's judgement)
not "where it belongs". Ponder that for
a few minutes!!

Hmm, for the 'unusual minds' out there letting
their imagination run free, I got a question. Has anybody actually braided their excess ear
or nose hair?

And Danielle, you just leave your hot wax
at home! And no conspiring with my wife about
future plans for me! She really is quite
inventive enough on her own.
(Over a beer, someone ought to ask her about
her encoraging Dougie to do flaming cupcake.)
Actually Lee, I'd like to discuss Danielle's waxing just a bit more...