Kart enduro rules!! Must read!!!

Trevor Cobb

To Oly, Thanks. i think that ruling makes a lot of sense and I'm sure we'll all do our best to make this a terrific event. I for one just cannot wait to to get down there.

In fact, I don't plan on waiting and I am seriously considering heading down (form Everett) to get some practice in this weekend. Anybody planning on being there? I know I have a lot to learn from this group and I'm totally looking forward to meeting each of you.

If there are some of you closer to me that would rather meet up at SyKart or other karting place, I'd be up for that too.

Feel free to email me at

cobb dot trevor AT g mail dot com

I'm game for either Saturday or Sunday but I heard there was some sort of major sporting event on Sunday. All I know is last year there was a pretty cool commericial during said sporting event, in which the Audi R8 was introduced. :rolleyes:



I'll be down there on saturday around opening time with another driver from our team, mabye two. Mike you missed out last week, how bout Saturday?

Trevor Cobb

Edit: small time change

Turns out to be open at noon on Saturday. I got approval today so it looks pretty solid that I'll be there Saturday starting around 1:30pm. I'm probably bringing a kid with me (19 yr old)

I'm helping out the Formula SAE team at the UW this year.

If anyone else is thinking they'll head out, post it up. I'll be in a black G-force helmet.
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Ben Gossler, aka ben.
are these rules going to be run over for the drivers briefing on saturday? maybe that would be a good idea just so everyone has a final answer.

in any case, i look forward to meeting lots of people, and having a great time at this race!