#714 - Reporting to Scales

First I would like to thank Hal again for saving me at mission for not having the log book in car as my car has had the min weight on the doors from race one this year. At all but two races this year it was met with a favorable response from scale volunteers. I just have one comment to make on the placement, why vary from what is already in place with SCCA on this? I like it when Ken Shreive comes out to race with us, Gordon Jones races both clubs, I may race a few of each next year. SCCA mandates the sticker be able to be read from 10 ft away and it be placed on the forward most edge of the door, not that I cant have two stickers but wouldnt it make sense that they be consistant. by the way, at the two races this year that didnt go well at scales one was because SCCBC didnt get the memo, the other said I had too many stickers on the car, sorry if the SC Phelps Insulation and Construction/Granite Building Products/Vision Quest Constuction Services/Certainteed/Precision Fiberglass/Image Quest Graphics Mazda dosnt have much paint left showing but someone had to pay for my racing, imagine trying to write that on 10 entries, now im late for work.
I've got one little question, why does the car number have to be on the sticker? Why not just the class & weight? This comes up because a couple people I know rent out cars. Besides, if the car is legal in the class the number doesn't matter. I'd hate for someone to have to put a sticker for each renter on the car.

On a different note, Will I need to put a sticker on my SPU car or our FSR, even though they don't have minimum weight and therefore don't need to go to the scales at all?

Margie B
Grp 1 #49
(BTW, defining placement by the edge of the door won't work with our FF.)
Margie, good questions...


The MRW Sticker will have space for TWO car numbers and THREE classes/THREE corresponding min. race weights for the purpose of assuring THAT car goes with THAT sticker.

Racers are often given different numbers to race in different groups/classes because the lone number they wanted in both run groups just wasn't available.

Also, we don't want any nefarious "sticker swapping" potential to exist.


Any class where the car isn't required to have a minimum weight has never been required to go through scales. So, nope...your SPU or your FSR won't need a MRW Sticker.

(And BTW, please refer to the location requirement for OPEN WHEEL cars above in my post)...(however, I thought I did see a small door on your FF...no?) :)


While it is important to display the car's number on the sticker, what is most important is that the minimum race weight is exact and properly corresponds with the car's log book. This will be verified by a Race Steward prior to issuance. However, the ultimate responsibility for displaying the CORRECT weight falls to the driver of that specific car.

There won't be a need to place more than one set of stickers per car unless the plan is to enter it into more than 3 classes where a min. race weight is required. While that is a possibility, it is, I feel, a rare one. If so, we'll just slap another set on just below the first ones.

The purpose of all of this has been, and is, to facilitate a much more streamlined post-race weight recording process. The pilot program demonstrated this quite well this year.

Less time waiting to get weighed translates into more time getting prepared for the next race...most likely with another driver. This invariably creates less opportunity to make mistakes in the transition time.
"There won't be a need to place more than one set of stickers per car unless the plan is to enter it into more than 3 classes where a min. race weight is required. "

If the sticker displays the actual weight of the car, wouldn't a single sticker attesting to the car's weight, in relation to the class in which it runs which has the lowest minimum weight, be sufficient to prove that it is legal for any class with a higher minimum weight? Any more stickers would be like having three different cat doors for each size of cat...
Your analogy is wonderful Danielle, but the logic is slightly off.

If you can only build one cat door (sticker line), you would have to build it for the biggest cat (heaviest class). The scales would only have one reference point (with a one line sticker) and it would need to know which cat (car) has to be the fattest (weigh the most).

If you don't tell the carpenter there's a bigger (heavier) cat (car) in the house he would have no way of building (weighing accurately) that heavier cat (car).

Therefore, the cat (car) that is allowed to weigh less in a particular class would have to carry a back pack full of lead (ballast) and meet the minimum weight in the heavier class.

Would be like a middle weight prize fighter putting on the extra pounds to become a heavy weight.

Lighter cars in the same class tend to be slightly faster (assuming same horsepower, driver ability, aerodynamics, etc.) So if you have a car in one class that's allowed to be 1190 pounds (the lowest weight of the 2 class's it runs in) and then us that to allow it to run in a class where the min weight might be 1320, it has a big advantage. Thus, a line on the min. weight sticker is needed for each class.
...minor correction:

The MRW sticker will have space for 3 competition numbers and space to display 2 different class weights and corresponding classes.

All the sticker is designed to be is an exterior display of the log book's minimum race weight with enough room for 3 separate drivers for the car and for the car to run in 2 different classes that would require a minimum weight.

It is approximately 6"x3" in size with 3 small spaces near the top to fill in the car's race numbers (allowing for renters), and then 2 large areas to fill in the class(es) and the corresponding min. race weight. All of this will be done together with a Steward and driver present after confirming in the log book (or Conf. Regulations/GCR) the exact min. weight. The Steward will then write in the number(s), class(es) and weight(s) with a broad tip permanant marker and then date and sign it.

All of this in order for the drivers to not have to fumble with locating their log book, handing it through the cockpit windows to the scale volunteers or having to shout to them. The MRW will be displayed in easy view of the scale personnel. The car number, class, min. weight and the ACTUAL weight is recorded in the Scale Log.
No time to do more than skim at the moment, so I now have a mental image of a heavily ballasted cat covered in racing stickers. Not pretty.
Sure is easy to find something wrong with new ideas. I'll play too.

Put the ICSCC logo on the MRW stickers/decal, and mandate that this official decal be displayed in the appropriate location. Two birds, what?

Also, the owner/drivers of cars that don't require weighing can't complain that they were left out. How about ICSCC just mandates minimum weights on these cars to avoid them running out of fuel on their last lap...;)>

Aesthetics to the devil, the ease in operational procedures pays for any unpleasant after-sight.

Ooorrr... we could just pretend that if it doesn't affect our personal operations, class, car, or enjoyment of the race weekend, it might be fun to let it work for those that can benefit from it.
We have no cat in the hat to try and fit through the door.

No FC (FF2000) in ICSCC. So ours will be Formula Libre. No extra weight or loss of aerodynamics from that 6" x 3" sticker.

Of course if FC gets added to a run group that FL is not in.. we could need one