62 Lotus (Ford) Cortina #164, C. Donaldson


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I know you’ll have to go through this thread a post at a time, and there is a little confusing info, but much of the history of the car in the NW is in this thread.
Mike McDaniel built and ran the car for years in the 1970s. B Sedan I think. Also, I think it was his second Cortina build. Don’t know what happened to the first.
Jim Blackwell ran the car for one weekend about 1981. Sprint races, ICSCC I’m guessing.
I rented and ran it in 1984, ICSCC Second GT-4.
Steve Justiss bought and ran it a number of years.
Mike Laythrop bought and ran it a number of years. Moved the motor back.
Chuck Dolandson bought and ran it. Moved the motor back to stock location I think. ICSCC early 1990s, 2nd, then following year 1st GT-4.
Car sold to Mike Druin in Lodi, CA. He told me he sold the twincam to someone in Japan for $10K. Painted the body Gulf Colors.
Mike Barrett bought it, put AVO Escort bubble flares, painted yellow, 2 liter OHC motor.
Then you Luke. Mike Barrett, in this thread, said he had the log book.
Some of the stories in this thread you can fit into the timeline above.
I took the in-the-era photos posted early in this thread.
Hope that helps and that all is well,
I'm really glad this thread exists - I've gone through the posts in detail and have learned a lot! I appreciate your summary here as well.

Yeah, Mike Barrett installed the 2.0 pinto motor. It had the bubble flares previous as seen in this ad: https://bringatrailer.com/2009/06/02/stalled-race-car-project-ford-cortina-mk1/

Would you by any chance have the current contact info for any of the previous owners? If so, please PM me. I'd love to gather as many stories and photos as possible!