6 hour karting enduro?


Just curious if there were plans for a 3rd annual karting enduro? I wouldnt mind helping organize the event; I just havent seen anything on here about it.
I'd like to think so, depends largely on the appetitite for it and how many people I piss off between now and then :). I like the format, and think it's critically important to also do something to raise revenues for our workers. We can probably wait for a bit to begin organizing, but it doesn't hurt to do some brainstorming either. One thing that's been discussed is coming up with a permanent trophy. Of course so far the same team has dominated, so they would have the first two listings.
Werent we going to impose a handicap rule for the 2011 race. Curtis and team get double the weight penalty.
Oh Scott I like your thinking! I was thinking about this event the other day does anyone else from EPR want to go for it besides Scott and myself!?
And Ryan! Count me in. Probably could get Joe and John O as well. Fred is in...or he will be! Three peat! Bring it on fellas!
Planning the karting event before the banquet? Thats like putting up the Christmas decorations before Halloween.
Just throwing this out there but, PGP's outdoor facility would make for an awesome venue! I belive they're having a lighting system installed, we could start the race late afternoon and go into the night :)
With last years rules regarding weighing in of all drivers we clearly didn't have an advantage over the other teams in regards to being under weight...it came down to drivers and the teams strategy!
I agree with Curtis. I do not see how they could have POSSIBLY had a weight advantage with all the BS they were carrying around.
I'll check around for date and format availability and post up some options soon. You all that have indicated interest are on the roster for this year's (probably Jan-Feb sometime) event.

Stand by for a bit if you will, I'm checking with my co-hosts about some things, and will probably post up a poll with options.

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Randy, please just stay away from the Daytona 500 date (Feb.)for those of us who do partake of the big boys.

There are also 2 club banquets that I know of for the end of Jan. (last 2 weeknds??) plus there's the Spring Meeting middle of Jan.?

Ya, I know, we thought our calendars only had Christmas on it and we were good 2 go from there. lol