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    CSCC Chicane Challenge is a GO!!!

    Working on it! They should be ready by the next race at Pacific we hope. We just didn't have time before the race with only getting 4 days notice.
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    Inaugural Gary Bockman Memorial race win flags - REQUESTED

    Wayne This is definitely going to happen. Like Linda said, we just did not have the time to get them printed as we were only given 4 days notice that we could even hold the event. Thank you for even being there. We hope to be able to have them available at the next race in Washington or...
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    CSCC Chicane Challenge is a GO!!!

    I would like to thank everyone that was able to make the First Race here in Portland this last weekend. Thank you for putting up with the whole face mask thing and I hope I was not to harsh on some that needed reminded. It looked like some really good racing all weekend long. Everyone I...
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    CSCC Chicane Challenge is a GO!!!

    WE ARE A GO! GREEN GREEN GREEN!!!!! SEE YOU ALL FRIDAY OR OVER THE WEEKEND!!! THANKS for you patients and hanging in there. I hope more of you all can sign up and make it out to the race this weekend. We will be missing our Canadian friends but hope to see them all again very soon.
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    estimated date for the remainder of the forms to renew license? time frame to be on MSR?
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    When is the 2020 race schedule finalized?

    any word on how soon NWMS will have confirmation on their race date?
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    [For Sale] Two "Go Anywhere Tickets" to the Rolex 24 at Daytona Jan 23-26.

    hard part would be the lodging this late in the game. I would love to go and take my son if he could get the time off.
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    2nd entry cost vs entries in general

    Question to the masses. Hypothetically : If 2nd entry fees were reduced, allowing drivers to get more track time for their dollar, would drivers find more value in racing with ICSCC/CSCC and maybe come out to a race they normally would not attend? Would it be a worth while effort for a...
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    quick survey double race weekends vs single race

    I would like to pole the drivers and workers as to what they prefer as far as the race schedule goes throughout the year. 1: would you rather see more double race weekends and a limited weekend schedule (only 2 per track/club)? or 2: would you like to see more race weekends at each track with...
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    is the memo now only posted online or is it still being mailed out? I could not remember.
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    [WTB] Toyota Atlantic parts (Swift)

    Looking for FA/TA swift parts. 15" wheels front and rear uprights, brakes, hubs, roller in need of help if i could find one. not to may around anymore And I only need a few parts. Thanks