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double or single race weekends

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Vince Vavrosky

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I would like to pole the drivers and workers as to what they prefer as far as the race schedule goes throughout the year.
1: would you rather see more double race weekends and a limited weekend schedule (only 2 per track/club)?
2: would you like to see more race weekends at each track with just sprint races on Sunday?

I guess i'm trying to figure out what would draw folks to come to other tracks more and help boost race entries.

I personally would have been to more races this year if only I could have gotten things together sooner but by the time I did the season was basically over.
I just can't see how holding only 2 race weekends a year just to MAKE drivers attend if they want the points will make the sport grow.

what say you?


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Vince we spent almost a decade on this issue before we finally agreed to host double and triple week-ends. It was a very long and arduous process but the idea was to lower the number of race week-ends so the workers would have far less traveling to do. That also applies to the average racer who does not have deep pockets but wants to have a shot at a year end award.
It seems to be working although I admit I have not been around for a few years now, but I would hate to see this upended after all that work, and success.


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I had responded to Vince off line with this email.

Glad to see your survey on double race and single race weekends. IRDC has been having double race weekends for probably 3 years. The Saturday race is none points and Sunday a points race. There was instituted with a special provision in the P& P for a max on driver levies which has to be paid on both races. This type of race weekend was brought about by several things, the arrive and drive rental market and drivers that just wanted to race without going for a championship. There was very strong local support for this from the populated groups, Pro 3 and spec Miata and other drivers. Another consideration is the rule with regard to counting local races for a championship total.

As you know our outlying tracks, SCCBC, ORP and Spokane don't have the large local support groups and would have great difficulty doing a single race weekend and it would be and is financial suicide.

There are the other considerations that I have mentioned in a prior email, but lets face it the cost of travel expense has increased tremendously over the years and a single race weekend is really hard to justify. You only need to look at other Road racing sanction bodies (Sovren/SCCA) and see what they have been pushed to do for several years and the handwriting is on the wall if you want to read it. We are all trying in this time of lower car counts to try ways to be more open to change to be able to attract more entries.

Step in the right direction with your poll it was a long time in coming and you are to be commended for doing it.

Dick Boggs

Sherm Johnston

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Sorry I didn't see this thread sooner. I agree completely with Dick that single race weekends are not cost effective. A couple of years ago at the end of the season I sat down and did the math using the entry fees from that year. I did not include cost of travel since that would be very difficult to equate. Those of us that live 400+ miles from the closest track are just lucky I guess. That said I did factor in the cost of lodging and meals, again leaving off the local folks. Result was that the single race weekend is just not cost effective unless you are local to the track. Sorry I missed the survey because I would have voted for the multiple race weekends. I personally believe that each club could have the same number of championship races on fewer weekends. Yes this would probably demand a rules change but... As mentioned by someone above it would also help with worker burnout. Those folks are wonderful but I bet they would like a break occasionally.