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    Question for CF (or open wheel in general) people

    This is most likely a ridiculous question... But what would happen if you were to shoehorn an LS-X motor into a CF (or similar) chassis? Would the chassis need extensive reinforcement, or would it even be possible to get the chassis to accept that kind of power? Obviously the tires would have to...
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    Friday test and tune

    For this Friday will I be able to ride with another driver, or have another ride with me? Was hoping to have a coaching session with another driver but I'm not sure if that's allowed on test days.
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    6 hour karting enduro?

    Just curious if there were plans for a 3rd annual karting enduro? I wouldnt mind helping organize the event; I just havent seen anything on here about it.
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    WTB: "minilite" style rims for E30.

    nevermind mods, delete please? thanks
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    2008 CRG Rotax 125 kart buy my kart... Please :)
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    Nomex Stand 21 suit for sale- $600

    Selling this suit because I dont need it anymore. It comes with the nomex underwear as well. I've used it twice and never caught on fire, so its like new! $600