Friday test and tune


For this Friday will I be able to ride with another driver, or have another ride with me? Was hoping to have a coaching session with another driver but I'm not sure if that's allowed on test days.
Well that's because they got tired of falling off the nose of your car Wes.

I think Ryan is asking about coaching or instruction, not a ride-along. It's probably an insurance question, and since IRDC does conduct events where there are instructors, it's probably a non-issue in this case too. A quick check with the insurance advisor and the guy in charge will clear things up.

Recommend you give them a call directly Ryan rather than putting the question out for a committee response.
I tried that 3 years ago and Mr. Bennitt said no way, but perhaps it has changed since then. I don't see why we can't do it, but we do have rules, and lots of them to be sure.
My passengers ride on the engine cover Randy, not the nose!
Stephanie Richert (#35 EIP) is doing Registration tomorrow for the T&T. So get there a little early, get signed in a little early to give yourself time as she's getting up to speed as the registrar for the T&Ts. Being pre-reg'd on MotorsportReg really helps, FYI.