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    A short article on the necessity of social isolation orders... it's about the spread, not the symptoms

    Thank you for your virus summary, Steve! I have been doing some Springtime prep on the race car, but I'm not sure at this point if it's getting ready for the 2020 season or 2021
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    "Racy" street tires

    There is no right answer for everybody every time. What works great on a dry 70 degree day can be slippery on a wet 34 degree day. Price can be an issue too. I would have him start on Enter the car info and the desired tire attributes and see the choices by performance and price...
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    "Racy" street tires

    What does he want to use the car for? Ultimate street grip? Occasional track outings? All-season performance?
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    2018 Race Schedule

    Happy New Year, all! Have a look at the now-posted 2018 schedule, and much will look familiar except for one thing. No ORP races this year! I always enjoy going out to Grass Valley and racing at ORP, and I'm wondering if someone can tell me why TC won't be hosting a race this year. Thanks!
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    Pacific Raceways Gets County Approval

    According to the Seattle Times it appears as though a huge roadblock has been cleared so that Pacific Raceways can start proceeding with its redevelopment plan. There are a few other steps that they must...
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    This weekend's German Car Challenge question

    Hi Folks, I was looking at this weekend's schedule, and I can't figure out how the special group race on Saturday qualifies. Can anyone tell me how we earn our grid spots?
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    August 2 IRDC special race

    I did a bit of poking around on IRDC's site, but could find no more information about the special race group at Pacific Raceways on Aug. 2. Does anyone know more about this race?
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    New course worker question

    Hello folks. My fifteen year old son has offered to work this weekend at Pacific Raceways, but I didn't know if there is a minimum age requirement. He's willing to flag, work tech, scales, pre-grid or wherever he's needed. Shall I bring him out to work?