Wanted - Aluminum Fabrication


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I am looking for someone who can make me a battery box that is 3.5W X 5.5L X 3.75H.

I would like tabs on the bottom for bolting down to the floor, and two tabs on the top for me to bolt a hold down strap to. I can provide a drawing.

I am also looking for someone who can punch out several aluminum brackets of various thickness for me. They are for things like a throttle position sensor, RPM Magnetic pickup, etc.

I have drawings of these two.

Email me at stephensaslow@gmail.com


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It's too bad I'm no longer on the West Coast... I've been an aircraft mechanic for years, and have a lot of Sheet Aluminum Fabrication experience.. Best of luck!!


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Try JJR Fabrication. They are located in Lynnwood, and have a 3 axix router table. Bryan the owner is a good friend and would be able to make something like that easy.


Let him know I sent ya!


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Thanks. I got in touch with Archie Hodge and had him fab my parts about 2 weeks ago. Thanks to all for the suggestions.