The Art of Racing in the Rain


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Hi everyone,

I'm sure many of you are aware of Garth Stein's novel, The Art of Racing in the Rain, which has now hit theaters nationwide. Bradshaw Motorsports is proud to be sponsored by the story and I'm truly honored to represent and hopefully expose new people to it. To provide a little bit of a back story, Garth was a local Spec Miata racer for a number of years based out of Seattle. If you didn't know Garth, I'm sure many of you saw Kevin York and Rob Dunn's PRO3 car representing the story for a number of years in ICSCC with Enzo riding in the window.

For those of you who aren't big book readers, I recommend you make an exception and go pick up a copy. Dog lovers, racing lovers, family lovers; the story has it all and is told through the perspective of Enzo, who is Denny Swift's dog and best friend. Garth's words and detailed descriptions of racing are fantastic. This stems from his personal racing experience. You won't be disappointed reading this novel. Additionally, Garth used multiple true stories from local drivers at Portland, Pacific Raceways, and Thunderhill and included them in Denny's journey. Racing is a large part of the plot, but Denny encounters some of life's biggest obstacles throughout the story that will keep all audiences itching to read more. I hope you take my word and consider reading it, if you haven't already. Six million people have worldwide!

Additionally, the story is now on the big screen in theaters nationwide as a Fox - Disney film starring Milo Ventimiglia and Amanda Seyfried. Jeff Zwart and Patrick Dempsey were both involved as directors and producers. Filming took place at Mission and Pacific Raceways and features Don Kitch played by Gary Cole. Most people left the theater in tears, including me. Go see the movie, then read the book!

Here's the sponsorship announcement on our team website:

See everyone at the Dash for Kids race this weekend! Enzo will be in the window of my RX2.

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My doctor recommended the book to me when it first came out. She was doing my license physical and said her book club was reading it, and she thought I might like it. I got the first edition in hardcover off of Garth's website. The day it arrived I sat down and started reading it.

I think I finished it over the first three days I had it. Every chance I had to read for a few minutes I dove into it.

Awesome book.

A love story, told from the perspective of a dog.

That just happens to have racing in the plot.

The movie was very well done, and faithful to the book. I felt like I was reading the novel all over again.


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After reading your post, i went online with the title and purchased the book. I seriously didn't have any idea this would be so intriguing. kept me awake all night. :D:D:D:D