Karen Stimson

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Thanks to all who worked so hard to make our opening weekend happen!

Running out of the South side made for new issues for organizers to deal with, especially timing and scoring. Please remember to thank those people if you see them--I know that Linda Blackburn had a really rough time making it all happen, and Gail spent a lot of time fighting the computer system. I'm sure there were others (who?). And we really want to keep them around!!

Thanks Kai, Mike Smith, Tracy (and ?) for working hard to keep everything organized and running. Thanks to those who worked the other positions all weekend.

It's too bad that the opener almost always sees some rust being shaken off from the winter. Please keep your eyes up and drive defensively--we like the large entry numbers and need to keep the cars intact to keep people coming back. Hopefully the bugs are worked out and next time out will be cleaner. :)

Good to see all of you this weekend. Hopefully having to pull my transmission won't keep us from the next races, I'm just getting used to the new brakes...

Karen Stimson

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Sorry, meant to include the stewards in the first post...
Thanks guys for taking on a difficult job. We really appreciate having good stewards to keep us all under control and having fun.


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+1 on the thanks!

We couldn't enjoy our weekends without you all and especially a great job organizing all the big grids amidst all the confusion of who starts where!