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Thanks to all the volunteers who worked so hard to put on our first races.

We are very blessed to have such great people who do such an awesome job making our events happen and go so smoothly.
Thanks for being so dedicated.

Special thanks to all those who stood out in the wind at ORP on Sunday. I hope you at least enjoyed the show. :)

(If you know someone who worked the races but does not check our forum, please pass on thanks to them from the drivers.)


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Yes indeed, great thanks to so many who help put on
our races.
And yes, 48 degrees with constant wind, can tend to
make it really tough for those who have to be out in it
all the time.

And I'll add a request. To all drivers, yes, your coming out
and racing (and paying the entry fee!) is very important.
But we (all the individual clubs that drivers belong to)
really have need of volunteers to help with other tasks.
Please contribute some of your time and ask those
connected with you to also spend some time and effort
on the volunteer tasks to help us keep our races going
smoothly. Many hands make heavy work light.
One hour a weekend by a number of drivers will really help.
Contact your club officers with what you can contribute.


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After standing up on the Continental flag station observing just the one Novice race on Sunday, it was very windy and it put a chill in you despite the sun.

A sincere thanks to all of those who stand out there in the elements for several days on end to allow us to do our thing on track. Sorry we dug up so many rocks for you to clean off track... hopefully we made it worthwhile.

Also a note that broadcasting the safety communications is a very good thing at ORP and allowed us to get advance information to me in the car about events on track. This is a great safety enhancement at such a twisty track. Thanks to all the workers and ORP!
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