Thanks to the Turn Workers


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I can't begin to give enough Thanks to the Turn workers in Portland. I had one of the worse weekends in a long time. 3 flat tows for the same car in one weekend must be a record. Thought we ran of of gas the first time, not so, took 3.5 gals. in a 6 gal cell, though it was a clogged filter, new filter, replaced, another flat tow, repaired/replaced switch as indicated by data spikes. Third flat tow after 2 laps. Happens at the same place on the track and I now have a reserved parking place behind the wall in turn one. I am also on a first name basis with the turn workers and flat tow. Great people to have out there and can't thank them enough. I always knew the value of our workers but this really brought it home to me again this weekend. We should all be doing everything we can to support the workers. Thanks
We could make a sign for you.

What are the odds?!

On the up-side, Dick. Your car is much easier to get parked than Bruce's other pretty new ride.

Karen Stimson

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The Portland workers really do deserve a round of appreciation. They do a great job.
Additionally, many of them work the driver training on Friday before the racing starts, turning a race weekend into a 3-day event.
Thanks to all for coming out to help, especially in the heat of Friday and Saturday.