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I see in the 2017 rules proposed FBX and SRX classes, but I can't find any description of what those classes are?
SRX is a second run group class for all sports racers (B,C,D,E & F).

FBX is the same as SCCA class FB 1000 and runs under the current year/month SCCA rules.

These are provisional classes which have not achieved Championship class status. Once the entry numbers are high enough to become a Championship class the rule set will be added to the Competition Regulations. See rule 1301. A. for details.

Dan Heinrich
2017 Race Steward
Since the majority of the clubs have decided to combine groups 3 & 6 due to diminishing car counts, I think it is time to remove SRX as a class. It never made the minimum to be considered as a championship class.
One benefit of SRX/FRX I see, is a way to run in 3/6 and not otherwise interfere with a class points race where everyone else's cars are prepped similarly (or yours is a bit out-of-spec).