Sept. ORP Paddock Space


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Hi boys & Girls. Once again it is time to start putting together the jigsaw puzzle of the ORP paddock space. I need to know your requirements. Please include your rig size. Remember only one support vehicle/ race car. If you plan on sharing with another car that will help. Deadline is Sept. 12 as I will be leaving for GV the morning of the 14th. Get your entries in now! E-mail me @ Thank you G
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Sent my request, thank you for bumping the thread as I believe I emailed the wrong individual.



John Rissberger
Hello in there,

I checked with Ron Brown and he will not be at ORP with Race Fuel…

A-n-T Tire is planning on being there for tire service….

Andy Armadillo said there is only a 20% chance he will be able to make it to ORP..

John Rissberger
# 10 Camaro A/S Oregon