Rain Lights...


I guess the SCCA has changed their rain light rule.

From the 2015 GCR:

9.3.32. LIGHTS
All non-Formula cars shall have two operating red brake lights. All Formula
(open wheel) and Sports Racing cars shall be equipped with a red
taillight of at least the equivalent illumination power of a 15 watt bulb.
This light shall be mounted as high as possible on the centerline of the car
and be clearly visible from the rear. The taillight shall be illuminated when
ordered by the Series Chief Steward or Chief Steward. Light assemblies
shall be considered one light for the purposes of this rule, irrespective
of the number of individual lamps the assembly may contain. Light assemblies
may perform both rain and brake light functions provided they
have two distinct illumination levels. An optional tail light (“rain light”),
as described above, may be added to cars in all other classes. Strobing
lights are not permitted

Does this rule change effect us in anyway?