PRO3 for sale - #82 "Tic Tac" car


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1989 BMW355i PRO3 car – the Tic Tac car.
• 1989 Wes and Ken Hill original build
• Fresh DTM "Tic Tac" livery by Scott Motorsports
• Updated cage by Advanced Auto Fabrication
• LGR motor build - there's about a half dozen motors that are comparable, but there isn't a better legal motor out there. Refreshed this winter.
• MCS double adjustable shocks - these are the "bee’s knees". The adjustments from the top. These are great shocks, from the guys who built the JRZ's (and then moved on to start MCS). If you'd prefer the JRZ, we can swap those out for the MCS.
• CAE Shifter
• Currently running a Koala 4:10 LSD. Can swap a Diffs Online 4:27 LSD if that’s your preference.
• 3 sets of powder coated (white) 15” wheels. 2 sets drys (enkei’s), 1 set wets (panasports)
• AIM dash, with GPS and beacon
• Halo seat
• Window net
• Right side net
• Built in 10# fire system
• Bolt in ballast plates
• Motorola base station radio system
• 22gal fuel cell

It's won races, been in championship battles, and it's been a lot of fun. This car has, and can, run at the front of the pack. It's not all about the car, but this one can give a good driver the tools he/she needs to run at the sharp end of the grid. This is a no excuses, top of the line prepped car. There are no issues with this car.

Plus, it's the tic tac car - how cool is that.

Yes, you can build a $7000 PRO3 car. This isn’t that car. It’s not cheap, but there’s not a better front running car out there.



Photo Credits to the most awesome young photographer I have EVER met - Austin at Flying Bye!