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Alberto Fonseca

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In order to help the community when browsing this forum, I'd like to ask for your help in setting and updating post titles. Often times someone will scan the titles and find an item for sale they are interested in, look at the pictures and read the replies, only to find at the end that the item has been sold.

To help with this, we've implemented a thread prefix tagging system. When posting a new item be sure to select the appropriate prefix as shown below:

Screenshot 2019-12-30 00.23.49.png

When an item you've listed has been bought or sold, please go back and edit your post and update the prefix of the post title.

Important: You must edit the thread prefix to [Bought] or [Sold], simply posting a reply with the word "sold" will not change the title!

This is important so you don't keep getting e-mail or replies when an item is no longer available or needed. This will allow us to keep the posts for future reference while making it a bit easier to browse and find what we are looking for.

Note: Please don't remove the details of your listing when updating the post. It is helpful for the community to browse bought/sold items when looking for local market pricing information.
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