Photos from PR Race on May 1


something witty
They are usually up middle of the week.

Check out the commercial post section of the forum. I think Curtis was between 3A and 3B for the start of the race, should have made for some great photo ops!


Curtis Creager
I will post images as soon as I can. I was in a few places on Saturday but I did catch some good shots from the berm.

I will make a post in the commercial post section as well.



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On Saturday, I saw a photog (maybe Curtis?) right at T7 as we go uphill. I'm sure he/she got some good shots!


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Both Curtis and Gerry from B.C. were out shooting both days, so as usual there should be lots of good photos to choose from over the next week. Just don't purchase the one of JC in his undies, cause it will haunt you forever!