ORP move in.


older than most
I have been informed that ORP has been rented out for Thursday May 24th. I do not know when we can start move in. Please, if you have not sent me your trailer spec./pit needs do so now. I will have enough to deal with if we have a late move in. Thank you. G gracer25@msn.com
Gordon and everyone. Thursday is still OK for arrival. There is a private renter who will be done by about 3pm and he has agreed to let us start working on the upper paddock at the Chief Paddock Marshal's discretion. (Gordon Jones). We will leave the gates open until late. However, everyone is reminded to Register on Friday morning first thing. We are conducting a Driver School, HPDE and test and tune on Friday. Please be considerate of their needs, eh?
Skip Yocom
TC Race Chair