Nomination and Election of Conference President

I think we should discuss turn marshalls next, and their obvious shadowy dealings out on those turns. Can Killam account for his whereabouts from 8 am to 5 pm on a race week-end? Does anyone really know where he is or what he's doing? Oh sure, he has an alibi, and plenty of friends to back that up, but will that hold up in court? I have my doubts...
..... I believe it's true that most Conference members don't really know what goes on with the E-board, and find their meetings a bit of a mystery. More members should sit in on the November meetings and see what makes this organization tick. They may not realize it, but guests are welcome.....

I sat in on several of the meetings during last years November sessions. For those who haven't, it IS worth doing (at least once). You will see just how much time our club officers and various representitives put in to the process of keeping the club functioning.

It's ultra-time-consuming, very parlimentary and highly organized. Yes there is a meeting Secretary (recording/taking notes), but this is an ALL day process and to publish for mass districution would be the size of a small encyclopedia.

GO TO THE MEETING and watch. When you're done, you'll be HAPPY to entrust such matters to the people with the divotion and time to carry on this mission for us!

OR, if you're really in to it and want to have a direct effect, run for office!
Eyes only, Wes. The logistical methodology of my operations answer to a higher authority than is on this, or any other virtual forum.

Simplify your concerns as to whether I am manifest at your moment of need.

All else is inappositeness.

And leave those poor EBReps alone, they have enough work to do, than to continually put them on public display like this.
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Good thing that was for Wes' eyes only, mine are burning from something that was in there,,, musta been them Habenaros.....
Staining your toes, as well as your nose?

At what level does this occur?

Ya know what it is, where it comes from, and are you sure?
Always the wandering minstrel aren't you buddy?
Yes, I know from where it came,
and you're to blame,
but please don't feel any shame,
granting that any excuse would be lame.

Man it is a slow day at work, wow! Time for a nap...
To go back in ancient history, at one time the minutes were hand written and then transcribed/typed and sent to all the officers. A very cumbersome/expensive and not very accurate way of doing things. At times it became an issue of the bias of the secretary as to how things got transcribed or sometimes not transcribed. We then started doing recording/verbatium minutes and following the above transcription/circulation procedure. It solved a lot of problems with regard to perfecting transparency/how things happened and how people voted on issues. It has also worked well to look things up and provide accountability, but a very cumbersone and expensive task to say the least. Recently we have gone to taking the verbatuim minutes and putting them on CD's. The minutes run about 8-12 CD's if memory serves me. It has been a real time/cost saving. Recently the Secretary has been putting out a condensed version of the minutes to the officers. Steve, I will let you decide how you would like to approach this but the more people are involved, volunteer, and know how Conference works and functions the stronger we will become as an organization to promote road racing in the Nortwest. Our founders put strengths in our organization like no other and most of us take them for granted or we havn't enough experience to recognize them or maybe we just want to race.

I apologize to everyone for hi-jacking the thread, but Steve you asked the question and after giving it some thought decided to answer.
Thanks for the update/history lesson, Dick. I'd probably want to see one before deciding if it would work, but it sounds like the "condensed version of the minutes to the officers" might be just the ticket.

The Puget Sound Region of the BMW Club has been doing this on their forum for a long time and I always read them. Since we only have two major meetings a year, it seems like the interesting/not interesting ratio would be pretty high.

See you at the Fall Meeting.
err.... but, to get this thread off the jackstands, WHY do we want to change
how the president is elected?

And, as Mr Boggs so eloquently stated a few months ago-
'Jeeze, the President only votes in the event of a TIE- he doesn't MAkE policy!'

(read your p&p? naw... me neither....)

Hey Guys and Gals,
Sorry I haven't been on here to address this. I just haven't made time for the ICSCC Forums lately, and didn't realize there was such a discussion going on about the proposed rule that TC has put up.

The fundamental intent of the proposed change is to give the drivers more of a voice in the process of selecting the ICSCC President. The actual selection is still in the hands of the E-Board, but the idea here is that we are providing a mechanism through which the clubs can offer candidates for E-Board consideration, and also to give the EBReps a feel for the desires of their constituents.

As Bob Mearns pointed out early in this thread, the basic flow is:
- Each club submits one nominee for president to the Steward, through their Contest Board Reps.
- The list of nominees is compiled by the Steward and sent back to the clubs (via the Contest Board Reps - via the rules proposal voting process - the same process we are all going have our clubs vote on before the Fall Meeting). Each club votes at their respective rules change meetings.
- At the Contest Board meeting, the CB reps report their clubs' votes, and each club's vote is weighted by that club's member count. The nominee with the most votes is submitted to the E-board as a nominee.

I hope that this is clear enough. It follows the same process as a rules change submission, so it should not be any more unusual or complicated than that process, which is what the proposed process was based on.

Let me know if there are any questions, and feel free to email or call my cell at 360-970-6177.
So we add more procedures to a system that seems to be working fine.

Sounds like the Fed's are getting involved in ICSCC business now.

No reason to change a simple method that is working is there?
Kyle, some ICSCC drivers believe that there is a reason to change things here. Some of the ICSCC drivers don't think that they have adequate input into the process that selects the President. This proposal offers another input to the Presidential selection process.
I do understand the intent, and I am not one of the drivers who believes a change is needed.

Aint it great to have the opportunity to have your say and vote on it too!!