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Just a thought--if you put a flag out, please rock or otherwise move it a bit to catch the driver's eye. This is especially helpful at places like turn 6--PIR where the line of sight to the turn station diverges so much from the line of sight through the corners, and there is so little time to visually track the flag station.
There are flags at the corner stations? I thought they were there just to call the wrecker out for me??
Just one of the many services we provide to our drivers, Kyle.

Karen, we do rock...and otherwise. It's what keeps us coming back.
There's flag station at 6? Wow, never noticed. How long has that been there?
Instead of flags maybe a long handled bats to beat drivers like me who tend to hug walls a bit too close and hard from time to time. That way you can smack us before we hit the wall??? Or maybe instead of AMB transponders we mandate vehicle mounted driver-smackers with remotes located at each corner station!! Just a suggestion.
Ken, yes of course workers do "rock". And it's those of you who do that extra bit that makes it much easier to track on the flags when trying to stay focused on driving the car at the limit.

I know it's hard work too. For my novice requirements, I flagged turn 2 the whole day at a Seattle enduro, and I was so sore the next day.
Dave Bell just reminded me of a new "Flag of Focus" for 2008

B. White Flag

1. Steady: Ambulance and/or other official vehicle or slow competitor is on the course. First lap of any practice session to be standing white at all manned stations. Pass with caution.

It's actually two distinct applications stuffed together with a lack of proper formatting.

Considering the second sentence (separate application) as irrelevant for this example, it reads as though a standing white flag may be displayed at any, or all stations whenever an "Ambulance or other official vehicle, OR a slow competitor is on the course.

Anywhere on the course.

Respectfully submitted for our drivers' perusal and consideration the next time they see a proposal to correct errors in context and application.