new class ST? 2010


Eric Blois
maybe someone could shed some light on this one for me. Iv heard something about this possible class in ICSCC. is there a rule set that is in the works that i can look at online. i think i heard something about running ITE and ST inside to confirm numbers before 2010. i would hate to finish a car and something hard to change would keep me in ITE rather then move to ST when it will be a class (thinking positively) And thank for any help in advance.
Yes, several of us (10-12) who presently run ITE or RS have been talking about creating a new class called ST (Sport Touring). The short version of the rules is more-than-ITE levels of modifications but with a weight-to-power rule. You can find more info at our Yahoo! group. (You need to join/login to see the proposed rules.)
I'm curious - why another class? Are the presently available classes in some way flawed? Is this intended to be in addition to the current RS and ITE classes or to replace them?

Sometime it seems like we are headed towards having 150 entrants in 150 classes with 150 "First Place" participation medals. Just when I get good and worked up over it, a class like Pro-3 come along and makes us realize how good our class creation rules can be. Is ST a unifier or just a way to reduce car counts in RS and ITE?
I hope I'm not speaking out of turn here, but there are quite a few cars in RS and ITE that don't fit well in either, nor are they as built-out as they could be in SPx. In some ways, ST is like a more-rational version of NASA's GTS Challenge... well, the way it used to be before the recent chaos in those classes. Or, as I said in my earlier post, "more-than-ITE levels of modifications but with a weight-to-power rule."

The expectation for 2010 (assuming our proof-of-concept season works out and the new class is approved in the fall) is that ST would run in Group 4 (as do RS and ITE) and have no impact on the overall groups. The impact would probably be far greater on car counts in ITE than in RS, but the new class would also be better meeting the needs of its customers... assuming all those who've actively expressed an interest in the new class actually follow through.