Richard Broadhead

Flag & Com
As usual, I would really like to work ALL of the ICSCC races where ever they are. BUT, I have a huge problem.

I'm now living in downtown Tacoma (near the Convention Center) and I have NO car nor drivers license at the moment. After my heart surgery and long, long recovery, I'm still not back to 100% (about 88%) and my family doesn't want me to get my (expired) drivers license back yet.

So, I'm looking for someone willing to come by and pick me up and transport me to the track and back?? I'd be willing to pay a gas fee or what ever for the help. Would appreciate a return trip in the evenings too. For away tracks, I'd be looking to share a motel room (I've been a non smoker since the surgery but have no objection to sharing a room with a smoker).

Thanks for the consideration,

Rick Broadhead - F&C

Phone (206) 518-1740

Home address:
1328 Market St
Apt 315
Tacoma, WA 98402


Tyler Kolbo Group 5 #117

I am in the North End of Tacoma. I can take you to the weekends I attend at Pacific and The Ridge. I plan on attending at least the IRDC races and maybe one PIR race in June.


Richard Broadhead

Flag & Com
That would be GREAT Tyler!!! :)

I haven't even looked for the schedule yet. When is the 1st race you plan on going too??

Heck you know, I don't really care what I'm doing just so I'm at the track. F&C if needed or, if you need help with the car just say so :)

F&C has in past years we've gone cruising the pits looking for help. So people with some experience are important to keep at F&C.


Tyler Kolbo Group 5 #117
May 18 Pacific test n tune
May 19/20 Pacific Race

August 10 The Ridge Test n tune
August 11/12 The Ridge Race

Sept 29/30 Pacific Race

I hope to head to Oregon for the June race in Portland, but that is tentative.

Once It gets close and you are still a go, Call me at 253-312-1759.