Meal options at ORP for the Team Continental Race this weekend


A memo from: O.R.P. Operations Manager Bill Murray.

Racers, Crews and Guests: Please be advised: Team Continental is only offering Food on Saturday night (Burgers and hot dogs). The County has limited food options available (although the Goose Pit Saloon in Wasco is a fun blast of local culture, you should call Kathy and tell her you are coming if you are pursuing that option).

OR… As an alternative, you can dine at the track (To be sure no one is disappointed reservations and payment must be made in advance). Sign up with Brenda at the track office 541-333-2452. The deadline is Noon, Wednesday, August 2nd.

All meals are served buffet style in the Club garage, hard plates, stainless flat ware etc. Breakfasts and lunches are $12.50, Dinner (offered Friday night only) is $22.50.

Friday Lunch: Noon to 1:00 P.M. A grilled Kielbasa, sauerkraut, red potato salad, green beans w/ bacon. Rainbow sherbet for dessert.

Friday Dinner: 6:30 p.m. A chilled Mixed Green Salad with choice of dressings, Baked Russet Potato with bacon, sour cream, green onion, and butter. A nice grilled Rib Eye or New York Steak. New York style cheesecake.

Saturday Breakfast: Real buttermilk pancakes, butter, syrup, hard boiled eggs, grilled sausage patties. Fresh summertime fruits.

Saturday Lunch: Noon to 1:00 p.m. Greek Chicken pasta salad, A Grand Central Baking seeded baguette, and a selection of fresh vegetables with choice of dipping sauce. Chocolate cake for dessert.

Saturday Dinner: T.C. provided.

Sunday Breakfast: Slices of grilled ham, eggs scrambled with onion, peppers and cheddar cheese. Grill toasted English muffin with butter, marmalade or raspberry jam, and fresh fruit.

Sunday Lunch: A chilled broccoli salad with apple, carrots, red onion, craisins, pecans, in a mayo / Lemon, sour cream dressing. Sliced pork loin, grilled pineapple, and garlic bread. Tillamook Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream for dessert.

Because we always buy what looks best in the market all meal plans are subject to revision. Beverages are included: Iced tea, Lemonade, Arnold Palmer, Coffee (hot in the morning iced in the afternoon) Perrier, V/8 Juice or ice water. You are welcome to bring other beverages of choice to dinner after the track goes cold.

Other Items of note: Bring a swim suit (or not, after all this is a T.C. event) the pond may be open for an evening dip.

Questions: Bill Murray
10 am to midnight