IRDC Rule change & General meeting Nov 4th


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If you are an IRDC driver, it's time to have your voice heard. This years proposed rules will be voted on this Nov 4th 2009 at Sizzler in Southcenter. If you need an address it's here

The general meeting starts at 7:00 pm and the voting starts right after that.

See you there.

Jeff Clark
IRDC Contest Board Rep
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You should be certified to be considered a driver member. But they probably don't check your license at the meeting anyway.
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One must hold a current ICSCC racing license to be eligible to vote on rules changes. In Conference, the drivers make the rules.

Which apparently makes Ken certifiably insane.
Randy, That comment was certifiably inane.

Something that drives me a bit crazier is the irony of a set of regulations maintained by those that are notorious for neglecting to read most of them.

I certainly have no problem with drivers controlling their own game. The concept was a wonderful ideal some 50+ years ago, and has survived.

Of course there is that certain bit of arrogance that becomes annoying...

But you get that in every family.
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