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If your transponder is mounted half way back in your car (so it does't get damaged during ummm contact) and you trip the timing loop after the other car, BUT you are ahead of him (who has transponder in front wheel well) you still win.
It's whom ever (who ever?) is physically ahead at the S/F line.
I'm all good with whomever is ahead when the checkered flag is displayed, but WHERE is that explained, or described in our regulations?

My only point is how, or whom is responsible for officially determining that physical relationship? And by what visual marks? the nose, the front spindles, the steering wheels? I'm nit-pickin', I know. The difference in time was .022 sec from one transponder to another, but even that is not considered in the regulation. So we judge the winning car/driver from what to what? Simple question really, but where's clarity?


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i just did some math and at 100 mph .022 seconds is just under 4 ft and at 150 mph .022 is just over 5 ft
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Richard Broadhead

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i just did some math and at 100 mph .022 seconds is just under 4 ft and at 150 mph .022 is just over 5 ft

Those distances don't exactly strain the eyeball to see who's ahead.

And yes, transponder location on the car can make a difference in the T&S readings. That's why when the BIG MONEY is at stake like Indy Car, NASCAR, etc. the sanctioning body 'tells' the teams where to mount the transponders so they are as close to equal as possible.


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IRDC uses our own the timing loop located at start finish. It is NOT currently subject to any problems because a group of hard working IRDC volunteers spent the better part of a day removing the old loop and replacing and weather sealing a new one about a season and a half ago. We configured the old equipment bus to be a mobile timing and scoring shack so that it could be in the area of the loop.

ICSCC currently has no mandated transponder mounting location within the envelope of the car so races may have to be "eyeballed" or videoed at S/F to verify accuracy.

Related to KK's comments about final lap, checker, etc - remember that in spite of my repeated attempts to get a rule change over the last few years that drivers MUST cross the line under their own power within five minutes of the display of the checkered flag ending a race to be considered a finisher and not a DNF. I'll start early - give some thought to supporting a rule change that rewards those who bring a car out, race door to door, and support our events. We should be scoring people on laps completed not an arbitrary requirement that they be running at the end. Currently if your car coasts to a stop 1 foot from the finish line on the last lap and cannot cover the last foot under it's own power within the time alloted you recieve (1) point for completing tech and (2) points for taking to the track and a DNF. You recieve (3) more points than people who left their car in the garage and stayed home. I am in favor of raising interest by keeping points races alive longer and rewarding people for financially supporting the clubs by entering and participating in races. Vote for people to get last place points not just (3) points. Off soapbox, sorry for the rant.

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So what were we talking about?

Oh yeah! Who wins? The car over the line visualized and recorded, or the transmitting device over the line received and computed? Assuming that the line is the designated S/F line... and the checker has been displayed.