Helmet & driving suit


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Having finally accepted the fact that my racing career is over, I'm offering my helmet and suit.

Helmet: Pyrotect Snell SA2000 rated, wired for sound, including jack, but not a mic. $200/obo.

Suit: Design 500 custom made, mostly black w/white shoulders. Fit me when I wore size 40 pants, but I've lost weight since then. 30" inseam. I'm guessing Design 500 can do alterations, if need be. $200/obo.

Both are in excellent shape, having only been used 6 times each. At the moment, I'm in Portland. Cash speaks with a loud voice. You pay S&H if that's necessary. Send email to me@orinoneill.com or call 206.240.3480.


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UPDATE: the suit has been sold. Thanks, Wes.

The helmet is still available, however. I've attached a picture.

As previously noted, it's wired for sound, which cost me $300. You will need a microphone, and you may need an adapter. You'll also notice it's plain ol' refrigerator white, an excellent canvas for your personal graphics.

me@orinoneill.com or 206.240.3480