FS: 1997 BMW M3 widebody with S54 engine swap

Steve Adams

Just this guy, ya know?

Yes, it pains me greatly to do this, but I'm selling the car and trailer and getting out of racing. I can either keep racing or bail (for just a few years, I hope) and start aggressively saving for my kids' college. And so...

You all know the car: a 1997 chassis (E36) with an E30 M3-style widebody kit in fiberglass and carbon fiber and sports a recently-transplanted S54 engine from a 2003 (E46) M3. Better yet, this car is really two cars in one: Not only is it a front-running sprint car, but it's also been modified into a race-winning endurance car.

Legal for ST (ICSCC), SPM (ICSCC, SCCA), GTS4 (NASA), ES (NASA), CM (BMW Club Racing), others?

  • 1997 BMW M3 chassis (VIN: WBSBG932XVEY75305)
  • S54 engine from 2003 M3 (50-some thousand street miles)
  • MoTeC standalone ECU
  • Stack programmable dash
  • 3-way Moton dampers
  • StopTech BBK
  • Fiberglass and carbon fiber widebody kit (the only metal body panel is the roof)
  • Brand-new front glass; other windows are polycarbonate
  • 25-gallon fuel cell with dry break fuel fill
  • Halon fire system (3 nozzles)
  • New ceramic-coated headers
  • Newly-built custom exhaust
  • Freshly stripped/repainted interior
  • All fluids replaced
  • New brake rotors/pads
  • New rear wheel bearings
  • New set of Nitto NT01 tires
  • New FIA-rated harness in 2011
  • Includes assorted extras like a Blind Apex T&S receiver, camera mount, handheld AFFF extinguisher, helmet/steering wheel hooks, dry-break dump can, car cover, and software/ECU maps/special cable for connecting computer to ECU

Pictures, videos, race history, and additional details on equipment can be found through this ad at http://www.ijsmotorsport.com/m3_sale.asp

Ready to race NOW. Was $38800, now only $34500

I can be contacted via the e-mail address m3_sale :at: crownfox :dot: com

(for sale separately or added to the car sale at a discount)
  • SOLD Featherlite aluminum open trailer (tire/storage rack, lockable storage box, remote winch, new spare tire, under-deck ramp storage)
  • Motorola radio setup (2 programmable radios, crew chief headset, extra batteries, full car harness)

Steve Adams

Just this guy, ya know?
Yeah, well, whatcha gonna do? I have to approach the whole thing like I'm done for good, but I'm hoping I can come back in 3-5 years. I also like to think I can rent a seat or two every year, but I suspect that's a dangerous road to go down, if you know what I mean.


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Sorry to hear you are getting out Steve, I have really enjoyed running with you.

Very fast, very nice car.
Hope to see you around at the track still!!

Steve Adams

Just this guy, ya know?
Had a party who seemed quite serious about this, but he evaporated as folks tend to do. Anyway, you might've missed out on Rodney's FM, but you can still own the "Plastic Fantastic" (as Scott Norton liked to call it). Offers entertained.


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I was sorry to see that you've decided to "pull the plug".
However, I applaud your courage to do it.
Racing is the spice of life, everything else is the main dish.
You've been a tremendous asset to the Conference racing family and I hope that you'll not become a stranger.
I have friends who had to step away from active competition and couldn't stand to be close to the action without actively participating.
They became strangers and they're sorely missed.
There's alot of reward to staying involved even if you're not behind the wheel.

Steve Adams

Just this guy, ya know?
Thanks a bunch, Trout. I don't know how much I'll be at the track (can't see myself working a corner while my friends literally race past me, at least not for a while), but I'll still be doing the admin thing and hanging out here.

Steve Adams

Just this guy, ya know?
Still available. I used to think I didn't want it to stay in the area, but now I kinda do. With ST having its first double-digit car count this week-end, surely someone around here wants to race at the front of a fun, fast, growing class?


Code X Motorsports
Great looking car and I would be tempted but it would be hard to live in a car with a roll cage... and if I brought that home right now I would have no choice but to live in it :D